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Looking for peace? Iraq is not the place. With friends like Israeland Saudi Arabia peace is not the goal. Tell it like it is Nahida. No need to hold back now.

If you were looking for a place to say the pledge of allegience while getting a cup of coffee, you are in luck.

“[People] know exactly what they’re supposed to do.”  

When looking for judges who are not bought by corporate interests, don’t look at the federal level.

Key provision of net-neutrality law struck down by court

Supreme Court hands Monsanto victory over farmers on GMO seed patents, ability to sue

Those still looking to boycott the major food corporations by buying organic brands may find it increasingly difficult.   The chart graphically focuses on the organic brands with ties to the top 100 food processors in North America.

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Perhaps looking to feed ourselves is one answer.

Monsanto readies first-ever GMO wheat

The MSM doesn’t want us to look at this.

Mainstream Media Blackout: Maine Second State to Pass GMO Labeling Law

Still looking for sanity in the psyops of Guantanamo and the “mastermind” of 9/11? You won’t find it here.

Mastermind Of The Sept. 11 Attacks Wants To Convert His Captors

If you’ve been looking for a cure for insanity, John McCain and Lindsey Graham reinforce the notion that are are none.

Syria looking to get some help?

‘Egyptians to fight Syrian militants’

To look for an alternative media without infighting doesn’t come easy. Scroll down to Oh, contentiousness… The oldest trick or trap in the books…divide and conquer

Are you looking forward to the Trans-Pacific Partnership? If you are then you must be a rich SOB looking for more and more.

If you are looking for gun control, here’s one way.

Feds Tell Veteran He Will Lose 2nd Amendment Rights Because of PTSD

Looking where the money goes.

New Homeland Security headquarters costing extra billions

New US aircraft carrier plagued by problems

NSA toys  for the spy boys

Razing a homeless tent city

The ‘war on drugs’

Looking for inflation to ease? Just change the calculations and all is well.

Looking back.

“We’re at War!” — And We Have Been Since 1776: The Years of American War-Making

Looking ahead. The White House will try and end the ‘debate’ after the ‘snowjob.’  “Carry on, business as usual.”

Panel Says Warrants No Burden as Obama Readies NSA Change

Obama Tells Public, ‘Trust Me’

If You Want Obama to Rein In the NSA, You’re About to Be Disappointed

Looking at the gloaters. What BDS?

Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga & More to Tour Israel in 2014

Look, up in the sky…..

The US Border Patrol ‘Misplaced’ the Records for 200 Predator Drone Flights

Looking at the herd lining up.

Record Numbers Line Up for Flu Shots as Media Hypes the Flu ‘Epidemic’

All these years we’ve been looking for Elie Wiesel to lapse into a coma. Or Abe Foxman to bust a gut.  Or John Hagee to finally Make Aliyah where he belongs with his fellow thieves and arsonists. One day…one day.

Still looking for that darn plane. ‘The chocolate Boeing that melted.’ h/t to commenter at video.

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