Strange large circles in the sky – from a plane?

chem circles - pits


Have a few pics from N Nevada Wed morning looking East from Carson City, toward Fallon – yes, home of the Fallon naval air station. All of the pics are of poor quality; there were clearly two visible circles & toward the lower right 2 parallel lines – all were fresh & robust in the sky. Unfortunately I have to go to work allowing me no follow up viewing.

Was only able to get a few with any clarity. The weird ‘things’ that look like aircraft are pits in the car windshield; the others pics are lesser quality, but they do not have the obstructions.

Perhaps someone will have some idea what these things and why they are there.

chem circles second pic chem circles 3 rd pic

11 thoughts on “Strange large circles in the sky – from a plane?

    1. HAARP BS was all I could come up with as well.

      Either way it was quite strange.

      Thanks for the feedback, Skeptik.

  1. Hmmm. I guess we can rule out a dyslexic pilot asking the love of his life to marry him. Even a dyslexic can spell better than OO.
    Maybe some chemtrails pilots circling in for a landing? Or maybe some naval pilots testing a new chemical delivery system? Of course the new system will have inert materials…that way they don’t chemtrail themselves.
    It’s hard to say. Just throwing out some ideas.

    1. Tough call, perhaps some new shit – possibly some private guy testing out his new gear for an airshow ? : /

  2. I don’t know, but it has been the first day all week here in Dallas where it has been finally clear until the chemtrail planes came in this afternoon and did their tic-tac-toe shit. Now the entire sun is blocked out like smog on a normal day in China and yet NO ONE seems to notice or care. I just don’t get it. The bastards just can’t have ONE single clear blue sky day. It pisses me off! 😡

    1. We had some nice days for awhile…until this morning, went outside and saw the cross or ‘x – marks the spot’ BS.

      The only good thing about it was helping me remember the pics, so i sent them in to FTT ater I ran in the house (for pseudo shelter). 😀

  3. Thanks all for the feedback & at the least, viewing the pics.

    I still remain unsure what to think about this.

  4. Ground fall test?? seeing if or how much can be sprayed to hit the ground in a controled area…as in what ever they have in mind to spray, be it drugs or poison..someone locate the area?? Whats under the circles??

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