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Heroin Use? Juvenile Record? For Recruits, Police Forgive Past Sins

New York Times – by Timothy Williams Are you cleanshaven and tattoo-free? What’s your credit score? What about marijuana — ever inhaled? Becoming a police officer has long depended on having the right answers to questions like these. But now, … Continue reading

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George Washington & Benjamin Franklin on the Jews

Vanguard News Network Benjamin Franklin was already an elder statesman at the time of the American Revolution. And his years had certainly brought him wisdom, for he knew of the Jews’ nature, and he had the courage to warn his … Continue reading

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Founding Father Quotes

Patriot News Alert “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin  

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Treason in Government! Admiralty on Land!! Where’s the Water?

Barefoot World Below is a letter that sums up what is wrong with the our union of Sovereign states (but like always, do some research to find out if this is true, then you have the knowledge and the understanding). … Continue reading

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Trump’s Bombing of Syria: Continuation of a Policy Which Started Only 3 Years After Syria Became an Independent Nation … When Trump Was 2 Years Old

Washington’s Blog The CIA backed a right-wing coup in Syria in 1949, a mere 3 years after Syria became an independent country. Clark University History professor Douglas Little notes: Recently declassified records… confirm that beginning on November 30, 1948, [CIA … Continue reading

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Another Case Showing Why People Shouldn’t Be Forced Into Unions

Forbes – by George Leef Labor unions have been known to do many despicable things to grab dues money from workers who don’t want anything to do with them. A current Minnesota case is about as bad as you’ll ever … Continue reading

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New Mexico Rescinds All Previous Article V Con Con Applications

Freedom Outpost – by Tim Brown On Wednesday, New Mexico rescinded all previous resolutions from decades ago that call for an Article V Constitutional Convention to amend the US Constitution. According to resolution, which was introduced by Speaker of the … Continue reading

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Where Did They Learn How to Shoot?

Old Bull Lee From Stanley Kubrick’s film Full Metal Jacket (1987): [A Parris Island (S.C.) marine drill instructor lectures a platoon of recruits. The instructor is standing. The recruits are seated.]  

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US History of Overthrowing Democratically-Elected Leaders

Popular Resistance – by Andy Piascik Virtually alone among nations of the world, the United States refuses to recognize the election of Nicolas Maduro as president of Venezuela. This, unfortunately, has become the norm in international affairs: the U.S. standing alone, … Continue reading

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The Amazing Racist asking Jews to sign a petition

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“A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.” – John Burroughs

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Dick Cheney quail hunting school

This one was too good and too funny to not pass along. Dick Cheney quail hunting school (30 second flash game – “Don’t shoot Harry!”)

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Obama Destroys Clinton/Reid Narrative “Does Not Believe Comey Trying To Influence Election”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden With both Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton voicing extreme accusations of violating federal law against FBI Director Comey’s decision to be transparent about his investigation into Clinton’s emails, it appears President Obama is having … Continue reading

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General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned – Seven Countries In Five Years

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In The Year 2000 There Were 7 Countries Without A Rothschild-Owned Central Bank: Now There Are More!

Political VelCraft – June 3, 2012 A Basic Understanding of Zionism Rothschild Zionism markets itself as Jewish ‘Nationalism’. The Country Of Israel Was Purchased By Rothschilds As Rothschild Was Just Kicked Out Of India And Needed Another HOST Country To … Continue reading

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Chem Fest

Northern Nevada, about 6 pm, 10/06/2016 – wide shot

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Dead Kennedys – Kinky Sex Makes the World Go ‘Round

A well written song about why the government loves WAR

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Hunter S. Thompson’s Prescient 1972 Warning

Liberty Blitzkrieg – by Michael Krieger While on the campaign trail in 1972, Hunter S. Thompson issued a dire warning that is more true today than it ever has been. He warned us about what would happen to the country … Continue reading

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FBI: Three Times More Americans Stabbed To Death In 2015 Than Killed By Rifles, Shotguns Combined

The Daily Caller – by Christian Datoc The FBI’s 2015 Uniform Crime Report found that nearly three times more Americans were killed by knives or other “cutting instruments” than shot and killed by long guns. According to the report, only 548 people were killed by … Continue reading

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Blue skies??

Here are a two pics I took Saturday in the North side of the Lowes in Carson City Nevada. For contrast, I included one from the next day, from the South side of the same parking lot, of what the … Continue reading

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