One thought on “Students walk out of Utah middle school to protest ‘furries’

  1. One more way to weaken and debase us, all with the blessing of sparkling academia, in conjunction with damage-control working overtime. So what’s that toward the end? Is this supposed to be an intelligent and thinking furry, here to convince us that furries are pretty damn normal, so please, please buy into the delusion? And I did notice the announcer playing along with the pronoun game. Speaking to a “furry” who has an obvious female voice, the announcer referres to her as “they.”

    Some might find this a non-issue, but it’s a laser attack on our kids, messing with their sanity and intelligence. Thank goodness many kids are fighting back. Oh, and by the way, let’s take all the schools and turn them into Bill of Rights learning-centers and pathways to REAL learning.


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