Sweden Is Being Plagued By Illegal Immigrant Gangs

By Wall Street Apes

A 39 year old father and his 12 year old son were fishing. They were approached and harassed by a gang of illegals

The illegals shot the father in the head, killing him. “His 12 year old son, had to call the police himself and then calls his grandmother saying what happened.”

“I’m talking now to the mainstream politicians in Sweden. You are to blame for this. You have blood on your hands. And also if I’m being a bit if I’m giving a bit of tough love here to my own Swedish population, for everyone who’s voted for these parties, you also have blood on your hands, because it’s a direct result of a mass immigration project, open borders.”

“This is not only in Sweden, you have all over the West, all over Europe, you have the same story over and over again. The European population, they get brutalized on a daily basis. Not a day goes by without you hear something about a r*pe or a murder or some young guy getting beaten up, robbed, humiliated. And we are the bad guys for talking about it. We’re not the bad guys”

“The politicians who have enacted this change, who have opened the borders and let these individuals prey on the natives. They are the culprits. They are the bad guys.”

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