Taiwanese government introduces terrifying Special Forces clone army

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Taiwanese Special Forces and a select few other military units recently received updated bulletproof armor that includes a ballistic face mask that serves to protect operators from lethal headshots and to reduce fighting effectiveness of opposing forces, seemingly by causing them to immediately curl into the fetal position and cry for their mothers. Check out one of the scariest-looking armies ever after the jump.  


The United States has also used the ballistic mask for small teams in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as during the drug war of the 1980s. A handful of these guys approaching is likely enough to disconcert even the most hardened cartel enforcer, but an entire platoon marching in lockstep is so terrifying we assume the weapons they’re carrying are just for show.

▼ After all, it’s hard to hit a target that’s fleeing full-sprint in the other direction.


Each ballistic mask is apparently rated to block close-range shots from a .44 magnum – which, if our extensive video game experience is any indication, is a hell of a weapon. It should be noted, however, that the mask distributes the impact of a bullet over a relatively small surface area, meaning a headshot, while not lethal to the mask wearer, is sure to ruin his day and probably his dating prospects for a very long time.


Other than the obvious added protection and intimidation factor of the masks, there is one other possible explanation for the Taiwanese government issuing them: they don’t want us to realize that they’ve actually just introduced a horrifying army of supersoldier Boba Fett clones.




Source: DDN Japan


25 thoughts on “Taiwanese government introduces terrifying Special Forces clone army

  1. Notice the lack of ballistic protection on the feet, hands, arms and legs.
    Sure will make for a good looking corpse though.

  2. Didn’t I see these guys in Mad Max: The Road Warrior? Didn’t I also see Cobra Commander and Destro wear this, too?

    Wow!! I can’t believe how fast we are getting there and how stupid the people are to not do a damn thing about it by now.


    Are you done sitting on your asses, watching?

    Are you ready to fight, yet?

  3. @ mark H hey you forgot that they still have eye holes in those masks, no issue to a good marksman that wants to play mind games with them.


  4. I just love how their eyes aren’t protected. Pretty easy for a knife wielding assailant to come up from behind and poke their eyes out. That’ll end it real quick. Plus with the mask on, it probably limits their peripheral vision as well.

    By the way, it’s not scary unless you let it be scary. Just imagine there is a really ugly, childish, person behind that mask (like Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome) and you shouldn’t have any problems with getting rid of any fear of these guys.

  5. You know, it’s strange. I was living in Taiwan in 2006-2007 and I’ve never seen them armed or dressed up like this nor would I have ever thought they would have the capability to do so 6 or 7 years later.

    Someone must be majorly funding their ass.

    Can you say, “U.S. Military Industrial Complex”? I knew you could.

    Since we are done using them in Iraq, we are now giving the masks to Taiwan. As they say, “War is a racket”.

    We just sell all our shit to Afghanistan, India, Taiwan and who knows where else after we are done with each war. Even the stuff we don’t use. Like billions of dollars of overpaid garbage to sell at a garage sale to the highest bidder. Unbelievable!

    1. Or just cut off their hands if you can get close enough. Can’t really do anything without their hands now can they?

    2. Yes Mark. The neck, the groin, the arm pit, and ya know I would aim for that little eye hole opening in their mask. a few well placed shots would shurely hit its mark I would think.

  6. Aim for the groin, as Mark Koernke always says. Hard to run with a major bleed from the thigh. And perhaps with one shot, it goes from leg to leg to leg-maybe 3 for the price of 1!! Now that’s a bargain.

  7. The Nazis are about to win the war, eighty years after the invasion of Berlin and Hitler’s death forced them onto the back foot awhile.

  8. A couple of .45 hollow points to the mask of one of these dipshits is still gonna make them quit doing whatever they were doing.

    1. Masks like those will give the wearer a false sense of security. Not to mention their field of view has to be hindered. Put a couple rounds into the facial area and they will start feeling human again real quick.

        1. If I see a group of these guys marching down my street, I would probably make the news. “Crazy returning vet loses it and takes out a platoon” will be the headline.

  9. You know, after looking at these guys, I noticed that the back of their heads aren’t plated. These hockey masks will do them no good if the back of their heads are exposed.

    I mean do they really think that people only shoot a head shot from the front and not the back of the head? What a bunch of dumbasses.

  10. In regards to hockey in relation to these so-called super soldiers, I just have to say that the hockey mask didn’t help Clint Malarchuk (former goalie for the Buffalo Sabres) from having a blade scrape across his neck with blood all over the ice and nearly killing him. False sense of security on their part.

  11. So I guess Jason Voorhees has been given an upgrade and instead of a sabre he gets an assault rifle. Man, this movie’s old. I’m sorry, but was I supposed to be afraid?

  12. These men in black will succumb to heat exhaustion in hot humid Taiwan quickly.
    How much does all that equipment weigh?

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