Take a look inside the luxury bunkers being built under the ultra-wealthy’s mansions


If you didn’t already think we were living in increasingly dystopian times, this is about to change your mind. 

A Swiss company called Oppidum Bunkers, set up to create luxury underground bunkers for the elite, has unveiled its new L’ Heritage fortified underground residences for ‘the most powerful individuals in the world’.

The 1,000 square metre structures are designed to go underneath mansions and are apparently ‘optimised for super-luxury everyday lifestyle, while prepared for all surface threats’.

The high-tech bunkers descend 15 metres below ground and feature an airlock that has been fully equipped as a decontamination chamber, an indoor garden, a fitness space, comfortable living and sleeping areas and a private art gallery – which can be seen through an opaque-to-transparent wall and has bank-vault level security.

The airlock is guarded by two blast doors, with the outer door controlled by a multi-biometric reader that simultaneously scans face, iris, palm and fingerprints.

An optional armoury can be installed and you can sleep easy knowing the structure is built to NATO-standard ballistic and blast protection levels, using high-density concrete with the same formulation used to build nuclear power plants.

The rest and all the pictures are here: https://metro.co.uk/2022/09/17/swiss-firm-to-build-apocalypse-proof-fortified-bunkers-for-the-elite-17394338/

9 thoughts on “Take a look inside the luxury bunkers being built under the ultra-wealthy’s mansions

  1. So these psychos (for the most part) think they can destroy the Earth (think Revelation 11:18 here) and “survive” by being underground with radiation clean up tools, guards, etc.? Maybe they should see the movie “World Without End” where the elites live underground (discovered by US astronauts who enter a time warp into the year 2500 or so after a nuclear war in 2188), and their progeny are as weak as an be due to inbreeding, etc. And then there is the part in Revelation about earthquakes and mountains falling on them… Oh,, and they think they’ll live forever…. If God doesn’t “take care of them,” maybe Satan will? The devil needs blood, doncha know…. Oh, and don’t they need adrenochrome? So who provides the baby blood, idiots?

    1. Hey DL, I watched ‘World Without End’ tonight. Can’t imagine why I never heard of it before, it being one of the beginning sci-fi films out of the 50’s. The film did a decent job of driving home the FACT that the true essence of humans is guts and grit, with a strong drive to survive; not just the individual, but the species. And the value and importance of sound weaponry was made clear. Though it was made almost 70 years ago and reflected the modes of that time, it was a strong warning of what could happen if we keep allowing all the wrong things and wrong people to ruin our world. Good thing we’re fighting all that. So thanks for bringing the film to my attention.


  2. I love articles like this, you can smell their fear. They plan for every possible scenario and completely forget that the tools to build these ridiculous, luxury graves can be used, just as easily, to dismantle them. I’ve never known an elite that can build or run a bulldozer. I’ve never heard of a land mine that can detonate more than once. I’ve never heard of diesel fuel that can regenerate itself. Do they think that when we find them we’re just going to stop at the door and call it quits ? Keep shivering in your wing tips puppets, you will be held accountable.


    1. It’s like this, brother. They can have all the arsenal they want, it ain’t enough. We’ll bring however many it takes, level these f-king mansions, cut the trees down, and dump six feet of cement on the entire property.
      Like you said, if they can get somebody to make it for them, we can break it.
      Dirty c-ksuckers.
      They think that they are hiding. They do not have a clue what the hordes are going to look like heading to where they know the food is.
      Eat the rich.

  3. https://broco-rankin.com/index.cfm/industrial/industrial-cutting/ultrathermic-rods1/

    Back to my comment on repairing the Nord stream pipeline. The link above shows the Broco torch, it will turn a “bank vault level” security door into melted butter in minutes. All you need is a 12v battery, oxygen tank and regulator to make the system work. In my day the rods were copper with magnesium but apparently they now use a different material, one we’ve heard of, thermite.

    Years ago I brought home a retired torch head and restored it to new. A new welding lead and oxygen hose and it’s been ready to go since. Never had an opportunity to use it, yet.


  4. Let the nord stream blow!!! Fck em all, You want to save this fckg pipeline!! Go ahead how bout saving our farmlands!!!! Sick of all the BS!!!

    1. The point was not that I give a fu(k about the Nord stream, the point was that if one part of the story is false the narrative crumbles. I’m so far beyond sick of the bullsh!t it can’t be seen in the rear view mirror.

  5. some where on the surface is an air intake …thats all you need to find , I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination

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