Teachers And Parents Are Sick Of Trauma Based Shooting Drills In Schools

The Government Rag – by Stephanie Sledge

Finally, teachers and parents are starting to become uncomfortable keeping their children in public schools, which has become a playground for fake shootings and war games. In 2012, Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano warned the nation we were going to be witnessing more and more school shootings. With this in mind, parents, teachers, and others within the public school system have put their faith in the local police and others alike to keep them safe from the so-called lone gunman. However, it is starting to backfire and now, the nation is beginning to question who is really inflicting the terror and why public schools are actively being used for these trauma-based mind control psychological operations. 

Turns out, after all this time, the one-gunman happens to be the police, EMS, Doctors, Psychologists, and others required by government agencies to follow public health’s rules, regulations, codes, and laws to terrorize the children for the sake of training. Of course, all in the name of safety.

Just today, the teachers of Raisin City Elementary School demanded the removal of a superintendent Juan Sandoval after a janitor was part of a plot to terrorize teachers and students when he was sent in wearing a ski-mask and carrying a fake rifle going around the school shaking doors in an ‘active shooter drill’ situation.

Teachers and students, afraid for their lives, not knowing they were set-up by thugs wanting to play war games were outraged by Sandoval’s actions of allowing this unnecessary terrorism to be performed without their consent or knowledge. Parents were not informed their children’s school was targeted for outright fake gunman games or even given the chance to keep their children home. These pretend lone gunman games are being performed so that cops, EMS workers, doctors, medical centers, and others can play real life situation war games. Instead of training in centers designed for these types of possible situations, they are just outright using the schools during operation hours.

Teachers are so outraged from the unnecessary fear they instilled, that the teachers and parents of the school children are demanding action to be taken at a board meeting, according to the Raisin City Teacher’s Association.

This menace to society, Juan Sandoval authorized an active shooter drill which caused the teachers, students, and staff extreme fear and traumatized the students and parents for active shooter street gang games.

Parents, teachers, staff, and others were not notified the lock-down was only a drill. A purposeful life-threatening hoax in the name of Safety and Security.

These are just the latest unnecessary trauma-based mind-control developments taking place in America this week…


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