Terrafugia Flying Car

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If you have ever dreamed of having a flying car then the Terrafugia TF-X™ might just be the vehicle that makes your dream come true. This hybrid electric aircraft is a four-seat vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) design so you can drive to a launch site, take off, then drive to a parking spot. It’s like having a car, helicopter, and plane all rolled into one vehicle. Some people have taken other less technology intensive routes to have their own unique car as is the case with the owner of this plane car called “The Spirit of LeMons”.


3 thoughts on “Terrafugia Flying Car

  1. Pretty cool stuff, Grin:-)

    In the future, apparently these things are assured:

    a) You will be the only one flying and there will be no traffic.

    b) They will still be dowsing us with poison from above.

    c) You will live in your flying car because it doesn’t look like it has doors!

    Just kidding. Chemtrails will not still be happening.

    1. The majority of people can’t navigate in two dimensions! Can you imagine the BS you would have to deal with driving in 3?

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