22 thoughts on “Terry McAuliffe: ‘We Lose 93 Million Americans A Day to Gun Violence’

  1. Bring it punk b)%(h, sick of your words, go ahead and make us all criminals by decree, lets get the $h*t show started, pu$$*es.

  2. It won’t be a gun problem in a week or so, we’ll all be dead, no problem.
    We can’t let dummies like this make any decisions for US.

  3. Well my fellow trenchers, it’s been nice knowing you but at 93 million gun deaths a day in America it looks like we will all be dead by Sunday. God speed and try and be the last American National out of America.

    1. My thoughts EXACTLY Paul! This moron just drips stupidity and arrogance from every pore on his useless, waste of flesh body.

    1. LOL.
      Word has it that this nose rag has seven.
      Six formed a posse to bring back the one.

      None have been heard from.

  4. That 93,000,000 figure is what he’ll be getting paid for spouting his mouth off about gun control.

  5. less than 24 hours they are already saying, GET THE GUNS,GET THE GUNS, just what I thought a false flag, these Zionist bastards never give up do they oy

  6. I asked yesterday what was postponed due to the shooting, guess what this (probably false flag) was about?

    “A congressional hearing which was scheduled for early Wednesday morning to debate gun legislation has been canceled until further notice in the wake of the shooting. The House Natural Resources Federal Lands Subcommittee spokeswoman Molly Block confirmed the decision to CNN.
    The panel had been due to debate the “Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act,” which includes 18 provisions related to guns and hunting, as well as other recreational sporting and outdoors provisions. The measure would make it easier to purchase silencers, transport guns across state lines, and ease restrictions on armor-piercing bullets.”

    Bet this will be dropped now.

  7. 93 million does that include all foreigners visiting here also??? That is
    alot worse than ebola or any disease…. Disease of the mind..

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