8 thoughts on “Texas Father Who Lost 16-Year-Old Son to the Pfizer Vaccine

  1. Okay, I know he believed the lies, but this is gut-wrenching. I hate what they’re doing to the people of the world!!!!!!


  2. “my government lied to me”

    and i just keep buying their shit !

    I see stupid people

    government has always been lying to you , you were just too brainwashed to tell, and when people tried to wake you up, you labeled them as freaks , liars and so many other ugly things

    ok now i want to knw what this man is going to do with this anger, is he going to curl up as a ball on the floor ? or is he going to be someone’s worst deserving enemy ?

      1. half his battle was admitting to himself that the jab killed him, and not making up some bullshit to cover for it , as most will usually do ( im watching this go on right now with some i know , will not accept that those they have seen harmed , will not accept it was the death jab thats fcked up their family member or friend )

    1. I’ll never understand why people trust the government. Have they not been to a DMV office? All government does is lie, constantly and continuously. You cannot believe a word they say. If a government flunky tells you the sky is blue, you had better go check.

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