11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Never Stops Giving

    1. He had his wife with him (that right there is a testament to a good relationship), his truck had auto start and stop to keep it cozy inside. He just jumped out and cleaned the snow off his windshield before departing. Too big to climb the tire, had to go to plan B (the other pic) Been there done that when I was alot heavier. It really isnt that cold, zero wind that’s why.

      This FKG job will get you hurt bad, either it’s the shit food, zero exercise, falling off the truck, chaining at least six tires with chains that weight 80 lbs a piece, walking on ice and slipping .You name it.

      So onward we go…

  1. I imagine it’s hard to breathe with that much extra weight on you, but he needs a lesson in anatomy.

    The hole at the bottom behind you is NOT an auxiliary oxygen intake port.

    You won’t suffocate from keeping it covered.

    Just don’t ask bill nye.

    His “science” is all woke and stuff.

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