#ThanksMichelleObama: School resumes — so do skimpy lunches

EAG News – by Kyle Olson

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Public schools across the country are throwing their doors open for another year of learning.

That can mean only one thing: the drudgery of school lunches influenced by Michelle Obama’s rules.  

September 30 is the deadline for Congress to reauthorize — or change — the National School lunch Program. The program was changed dramatically in 2010 when the Democratically-controlled Congress passed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act — legislation that was championed by First Lady Michelle Obama.

Those members of Congress who are concerned about the success of the program may want to challenge their colleagues to taste test a sampling of these “creations.”

Take this one, for example, posted by Jordan Chance:


Brown rice, potato wedges and something that could be…stew?

Or this kebab, which is comprised of some sort of processed meat, a pickle slice and a white substance that’s either cheese or tofu:

Higher schooler Ryan Hussey posted this, noting it wouldn’t be enough sustenance for a kindergartner.

His lunch consisted of a whole wheat roll, some macaroni and cheese (presumably whole wheat, as well), and three sad-looking cocktail weenies.

Or this lunch, posted by Bessie: green beans and two taquitos.

Juni Cortez posted this lunch she says was served in Willowbrook, Illinois:


So far, few Republicans have been serious about changing the program that’s causing these lunches to be served. Will they listen to their constituents — and future voters — or Washington, D.C. bureaucrats who want to dictate what children will eat?


One thought on “#ThanksMichelleObama: School resumes — so do skimpy lunches

  1. Never mind the commie indoctrination of the public screwels. This creature should be force fed this gruel until she loses 30 lbs off her arse.
    I’m presuming she has a degree in pediatric nutrition? No?
    Who the hell cares what this abysmal excuse for a person thinks….

    Home school, your kids are worth it!

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