Police State America is giving EMS crews tanks, Kevlar helmets and ballistic vests


Soon EMS & firefighters everywhere will respond to a fire or accident wearing Kevlar helmets and ballistic vests!

‘They’ (DHS) claim having such gear available will help medical personnel get inside a shooting scene quicker to treat the wounded.

What’s really scary is EMS & firefighters are conducting joint training sessions with police.  

In June of this year I warned everyone how DHS has begun training EMS and firefighters for urban warfare in America:

DHS’s new “First Responder Guide For Improving Survivability In IED or Active Shooter Incidents”
describes in great detail how firefighters and EMS personnel are being trained by DHS to work alongside law enforcement.

In it’s “First Responder Guide” DHS claims active shooter incidents and IED’s in America are increasing.

A collaborative group of public safety organizations—including fire, law enforcement, pre-hospital care, trauma care, and the military—convened in Hartford, Connecticut, in the spring of 2013 to develop consensus regarding strategies to increase survivability in mass-casualty shootings commonly referred as the Hartford Consensus.

New Hampshire is conducting its first joint training session with police and emergency medical services crews involving handling an active shooting scene and treating victims quicker.

“It goes over law enforcement tactics and the response to a shooter, as well as a new concept that is a best practice of what we call warm zone EMS, which is law enforcement securing the area in a building and allowing EMS to get into a building to treat patients quicker than waiting to search the whole building and deem the whole thing clear,” said Emily Martuscello, an exercise training officer with New Hampshire Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

How long before EMS/firefighters arrive at a vehicle accident or a fire in a tank wearing guns, Tasers and mace?

Not that long, police in California want to use an armored tank or a medevac vehicle to respond to accidents, etc.

image credit:Contracostastimes

“About 100 people attended a meeting in San Leandro and people from the community expressed their concerns about a medevac vehicle the San Leandro Police Department says it wants to acquire.”

“The armored vehicle was the subject of the special San Leandro City Council meeting. Police officers from the region said the vehicle would enable paramedics to help victims trapped in a hot zone, since EMS doesn’t go into a hot zone unless it’s been cleared. The medevac is able to withstand a rifle round, but is also equipped like an ambulance on the inside.” 

What are Hot, Warm and Cool zones? DHS/police have created these three “zones”  to justify arming EMS & firefighters. Click here & here to read more.

Hot Zone (Care Under Fire):

Scoop and run
Life threatening bleeding
Safe and quick exit to warm zone.

Warm Zone (Tactical Field Care):


Cool Zone:

Relative Safety
Staging Area

Back to the armored tank…

“Basically it’s an ambulance with armor protection around it,” said Lt. Randy Brand. “And it would basically be used to integrate fire and EMS and police personnel into a critical incident instead of bringing a regular ambulance.”

“What this armored vehicle allows us to do is transport medical personnel in it , have them protected, have law enforcement extract them, get them into that immediate care much quicker,” said Robert McManus of the San Leandro Police Department.

Who’s behind equipping EMS/firefighters with Bearcat tanks? Of course it’s DHS, San Leandro received a $200,000 DHS grant so they could buy it.

The next time you call 911 be prepared to welcome a six man “RESCUE TASK FORCE” complete with tactical gear into your home!

image credit: Greenvilleonline

A firefighter will be paired with a police officer “to give our rescue people security,” he said.“You’re in that in-between zone where the scene has been secured and there could be a threat, but no on-going threat in that immediate” area, Goffstown Fire Chief Richard O’Brien O’Brien said.

“EMS and police form these teams called rescue task forces of two EMS and four police officersas their security detail and they’ll make entry into a building and get to patients quicker to ultimately provide necessary care for life-theatening injuries,” she said.

More fire departments throughout the country are adding ‘new equipment’ or tactical gear to their firetrucks, according to Raymond Ballia, president of Body Armor Outlet.

Unless we rise up and speak out, this is the future of America, where EVERY cop, firefighter and ambulance driver is patrolling our streets in tanks!


3 thoughts on “Police State America is giving EMS crews tanks, Kevlar helmets and ballistic vests

  1. Hm. I would actually watch WHICH stations/EMS groups get them and watch them carefully, they do not just dump equipment on someone without some ulterior motive. Stockpiling for someone else? Maybe those EMS and firefighters are not who they appear to be. The fact they are divvying this out based on a zoning (danger) system gives us a hint of why they are REALLY stockpiling this.

    I see this as a possibility of strategic stockpiling or reserves. Paint and tags can be changed last minute, all they have to do is send out a group, grab the stuff and they are geared and ready to repeat Katyn Forest.

  2. “What’s really scary is EMS & firefighters are conducting joint training sessions with police.”

    Won’t be long before they’re armed as well.

    “… wearing Kevlar helmets and ballistic vests!”

    Not COMPLETELY bulletproof.

  3. Unfrigginbelievable….

    Now when in the Hell are they EVER going to need bulletproof vests or tanks? Tell me when has a firefighter or an EMS EVER encountered an incident where they need them? NEVER.

    But of course this will be there for the police to have as a backup to be used against innocent victims when they arrive on the scene, in case they run low on weaponry.

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