That ubiquitous star

US and British ‘Marine’ soldiers both use a sword that have emblems of a 6 pointed star.  The sword is known as Solomon’s Sword.

4 thoughts on “That ubiquitous star

    1. Just so you know, they aren’t “ours” — i.e., Marines and other US imperial troops don’t take commands from you, me, or the American people as a whole, nor from anyone who represents our interests. Most of them would shoot you without hesitation if given the order. The oath they took to protect the Constitution from all of its enemies was a mere formality to them; the words of that oath had scarcely left their mouths before they abandoned it forever.

  1. The symbolism is fitting enough, since most US conflicts are fought to benefit Israel and world Zionism at US expense. At least that’s been the case for the past two decades, most obviously in Iraq.

    I think the US Marines should change their name to the US Marionettes. That is, after all, what they are: puppets on Israeli strings.

  2. The root of this symbol is from the Kabballah, and hence, the introduction of it is likely due to the Freemason influence upon the military elite. Said Freemasons’ entire structure of secret teachings is based upon Kabbalistic and Torah influence. Part of becoming the psychopathic elite who wish to conquer the world is performed by insiders selecting other psychopaths who will fit in to secret and antisocial groups with no qualms about the end goals of the elites. Those who show no mercy or concern for the rest of humanity are deemed “worthy” to be part of the grand scheme.

    These will all burn with unquenchable fire upon the Judgement of the Almighty God. Good widdence to bad wubbish.

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