The Best Anti-Apartheid BDS Video: Bricks From the Wall

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The best protest video is the one that people watch and that motivates them to action. I am watching this for the fourth time now and will watch it again and again. For many of us in the West it was a long and lonely struggle against the Israeli attempt to occupy the world. But now we are being joined daily by millions of people from all over the planet.

Please watch this video. Please make it go viral. Please join in the struggle against Israeli occupation of Palestine, of America, of Canada, of Great Britain, of Europe, of Africa and every nation whose government slavishly follows the Dictates of Wall Street and the City of London.  

Perhaps we will one day have a musical video as compelling as this against Bankers and Usury.

I am working on an announcement that I think is important. Please stay tuned. I will start writing it after I do some exercising. I noticed that Russia Today had a story about a smart phone App coming out soon that will help users participate in the Boycott Divest Sanctions Movement against Israel.

You might want to share a few articles below that will undermine the Israeli position which is: ‘We will tell you lies. And you will believe them or we will denounce you as a dirty, filthy Anti-Semite.’

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Mr Wiesel, I Would Like To Ask You A Few Questions.


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