The David and Goliath fight against online conspiracies

Apr 9, 2022Online conspiracies and misinformation are driving mistrust, division and even violence – much of it is seeded on social media platforms. And big tech companies are cashing in on the views and likes, driven by algorithms designed not to inform but to retain users. Their lobbying powers are immense. But Imran Ahmed is undaunted. He and his Center for Countering Digital Hate are at the heart of the fight for reform and accountability. For The New Reality, Jeff Semple takes us through the online spaces they’ve infiltrated, talks about how Putin’s war in Ukraine brought this to a boil, and the next frontier in online hate and disinformation. For more info, please go to…

2 thoughts on “The David and Goliath fight against online conspiracies

  1. They’ll go to any extreme to try and shut us up. All dissent to their controlling narrative will be squashed. But hey, they will be squashed, too!!

    I wonder who funds this guy?


    1. A genuine ministry of truth.
      Just think, if we weren’t individuals, if our DNA was altered so we all thought and acted the same, we could have one jew do all the thinking for everybody.
      By the way, I wonder if this jew fagot has a copy of the isolation report for Covid 19 or is his declaration that something that can’t be proved to exist just a conspiracy theory.
      Wouldn’t piss on him to put him out if he was on fire.

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