The De-Christianization of America – It’s Working

Sent to us by the author, Robert Byrne, from 1992.

In America today ‘Freedom of Religion’ is superseded by ‘Freedom of Non-Religion.

The U.S. Supreme Court seems to think that ‘Separation of Church and State’ means morals and ethics might be allowed in a Church, but shouldn’t be part of State.

The Court, under The Doctrine of Change, is changing the complete moral order. The Court consistently rules against Religionists and in favor of Secular &monists. Federal Court rulings against Nativity Scenes, Prayer and City Seals with any religious symbolism clearly demonstrate the point.  

The absurdity of the Court is further shown as the Court issues edicts on Equal Rights, and then issues an edict which gives women the right to be the sole determiner of the future population of the world. And then the Court has the audacity to attempt to placate Pro-life forces by allowing little roadblocks to be placed in the way of a woman who is about set to murder her pre-born baby. Indeed, the U.S. Supreme Court is well on the way to giving America the whole Secular Humanist agenda.

Secular Humanism is the absolute in selfishness. It is presently the dominate philosophy in the world. The Secular Humanists have developed a complete ‘Population Management Plan’ which is ‘Master Race’ oriented. The plan differs from Hitler’s Master Race theories in that people need not be just blond and blue eyed.

The Secular Humanist agenda for achieving their Population Management scheme includes abortion, selective infanticide, euthanasia, gay rights, ERA, sex education and death education. To achieve their goals, it then becomes obvious why the Humanists must remove all real religious influence on a society, especially a society dominated by Traditional Family Values. Secular Humanism and Christianity are simply not compatible.

The tentacles of the Secular Humanist’s were well into both Capitalism and Communism when the two systems merged into what is now referred to as ‘The New World Order’, which should be more correctly referred to as ‘The New World Dis-Order’.

The Humanist ‘thought police’ are now actively present on many college campuses. They are introducing concepts regarding ‘politically correct’ speech which will prevent Christians from presenting any viewpoint that the Humanists declare is unacceptable.

The list of intrusions into the lives of moral people by the Secular Humanists could fill many books. And if the intrusions continue, soon we will only be free to practice Christianity in the privacy of our minds.

The Humanist strategy is well thought out. They know that closing all the Churches would be an impossible task, so they simply work to convert Churches to act on the Humanist agenda. Take a look at your Church, and ask yourself how many prominent people in your Church put forward some or all of the Secular Humanist agenda?

In order to understand how the Secular Humanist agenda is carried out, it is necessary to be aware of all the organizations pushing the agenda, and how they are funded.

Most people are simply not aware, for instance, that there is a world population council. It is called ‘The Population Council’, One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, New York, New York, 10017. Its funding is from governments, United Nations agencies, non-governmental organizations, foundations and individuals. The policies of ‘The Population Council’, and for that matter, the complete Secular humanist agenda, dominate United Nations thinking.

The complete Secular Humanist agenda is prevalent in the World Council of Churches. Secular Humanist elitists teach the full agenda at Oxford, in England, to all Rhodes Scholars. In America, Secular Humanists control the National Education Association which is one of the reasons why education in America has changed so drastically.

In America the complete Secular Humanist agenda, or New World Order, is basic to the operation of such organizations as ACLU (now correctly referred to as the Anti-Christian Liberties Union), People for the (un)American Way, NEA, NOW, NARAL, Planned Parenthood and so many more. Many of the organizations, both in America and worldwide, are well funded by numerous American Foundations, the wealth of which was generated by all Americans. The Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation are examples. Most of the wealthy people in the entertainment business support the complete Humanist agenda. Most of the National Media push the complete Secular Humanist agenda. Now you add a few correctly placed judges, elected officials, bureaucrats and educators at all levels and it becomes easy to understand why Secular Humanism is the dominant philosophy in America.

Why the Secular Humanists are winning is quite another matter.

The Secular Humanists are winning because the Religionists are in greater disarray than the Humanists. In fact, if it weren’t for the ‘Power Game’ played by many of the Humanists elitists, with their giant egos, we would have lost long ago.

It is sad, but true, that Christians are rarely on the same page. Christians are separated first by denominations, and now each major religion has numerous internal differences. Christians rarely control their own political destiny and rarely control any of the key pressure points of society at any level.

My own Roman Catholic Church is having the greatest problems. The Church hierarchy offers literally something for everyone and the results have been a reduction in Church participation, as well as vocations. Many have actually left the Church. Well known so called Catholic clergy and laity express views that are totally wrong and the Church hierarchy rarely acts in these matters.

Many Catholics still hold views that are consistent with pre-Vatican II Roman Catholicism. The difficulty is that many of them are part of diverse inbred groups that let differences between their groups preclude working together on the many things that they agree on.

Two Editors of separate publications, in Minnesota, are a good case in point. The two brothers are pro-life, pro-prayer, pro-traditional family values, and they are said to be conservative. They used to work together, but they had an argument after Vatican II. Now the brothers no longer work together and it is said they don’t speak to one another. Not very Christian.

Regrettably, coast to coast, all too many unacceptable examples exist. Listing all of them would serve no purpose. What we must realize is that all of the various groups, all too often, let any differences take precedence over all that is agreed on.

It is one thing to know what right is, and quite another to make right happen. Many of the groups, including most of the supposed Catholic Colleges, fall into this category.

What is more disturbing is that when a group such as ‘The Platform Republicans’, in Cincinnati, Ohio, actually presents a unified front acting against the whole Secular Humanist agenda, and they are left swinging in the wind.

Some very good things have occurred at the grass-roots, but those that truly succeed, all too often, simply can’t get their story told for the benefit of others. And there are those, with their egos on their sleeves, which do not wish to share the limelight with someone that has succeeded.

All too many Catholic publications reiterate the problems and spend very little time on the solutions. “All These Things”, a new publication out of Cincinnati, Ohio, intends to spend more time on sharing workable answers.

The success of ‘The Platform Republicans’ in their Precinct Project, in Cincinnati, Ohio, demonstrates what can happen when all the diverse elements of the Christian movement come together. If their actions were duplicated in every county in America we would be well on the way to changing the direction of America.

The dechristianization of America does not have to continue if all Christians would get on the same page at the grass-roots level and put a stop to it.


Robert J. Byrne is the author of “EXISTENCE IN AMERICA – THE ROAD BACK TO DECENCY & ORDER”. He has had many years of extensive involvement in politics and community affairs at all levels. He has been President of Byrne Business Consulting, Manlius, NY, for over 25 years. He received his B.A. from Shimer College, Mt. Carroll, IL, and his M.A. in Public Administration from Webster University, St. Louis, MO.

4 thoughts on “The De-Christianization of America – It’s Working

  1. Paul, Thank for your comment. The article was written in 1992, and then it simply fell on deaf ears. There are still many fine priests and some are in the Hierarchy. What has to be realized, in every religion, is just who really still maintains all the values that made this country the greatest in the world. Virtually every Christian religion had been infiltrated by all too many ministers with ulterior motives. Bob

    1. Hello Bob
      I was raised in the catholic church, was molested by a priest at nine years old, at which time I began to search for the truth off and on. As years went by I found that scripture is the ONLY truth to follow. As a result, I do not attend any so called church, as the true scriptural definition of the church is those who believe in the Lord Jesus the Christ, and the free gift of eternal life He offers. In my uneducated humble opinion, all denominations are the result of personal interpretations of scripture. Scripture tells us to interpret scripture with scripture.
      If it doesn’t line up with scripture, I delete it. Scripture speaks of these times over, and over again.
      God bless you Bob.

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