6 thoughts on “The dogs of hell have arrived

    1. The one in the chair is Patch. He’s half Jack Russell and half Pit.
      The other is Littles. She’s Jack, Pit, Black, and Choc Lab.
      Them’s be my buddies

    1. I refer to the place we’re moving from as Hell or The Sun, Koyote.
      That back yard was effin hot in the summer while next door was not.
      A micro climate thing I guess.
      Anyway, that’s where they are from. 🙂
      Don’t be fooled by the appearance in the photo.
      I came home once and Patch was sitting on the roof checking out the view.

  1. Kewl…..

    I love dogs…

    My black lab ran off a few weeks ago.

    He’s gone.

    But I still have my little dog.

    He’s becoming totally awesome.

    I don’t even need the kennel anymore.

    He just hangs out…
    Gets stoned with me..
    Kills birds..
    Kills mice…
    Eats gophers.
    Kills lizards…
    Kills rabbits…
    Chases cows off my land for fun.
    And doesn’t sht in the house.

    Plus best of all…

    Doesn’t judge me.

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