The dystopian future is not so far away


Slowly, human interaction is becoming discouraged and we are all enteracting through devices. Social media already has started to mind control its users, people now believing everything they see online. It’s sad but technology will not stop growing, especially in times where the world is starting to rely on tech more and more.

Malls are being shutdown, stores out of business, theaters becoming a thing of the past as well.

I guess in about 40 years more than 80% of everything we have will be digital.. until they ban history and books.

Maybe I just read fahreinheit 451 too many times, but I never thought i’d see such a shift to reliance on devices as I did in 2020. Apps like TikTok have already hooked the younger generation onto phones, with screen times being around 16 hours daily.

Kids growing up now will develop with addiction to the fake realm of Social media… but beside that EVERYTHING is becoming digital. Online school, online work, online shop, makes me thankful I grew up able to play outside with my friends. I know soon kids won’t have the luxury of nature around them … honestly it seems like these masks are meant to divide us as humans. We trust devices more than we trust one another …


One thought on “The dystopian future is not so far away

  1. Glad I am out here in the rural remote….slow and unstable internet wi-fi towers (and the only alternative is metered satellite with lots of latency being 22,000 miles from Earth), no cell service so devices take one only so far, and if they put 5G out here everything will die in a year or so (wildlife, trees, flora, humans….they simply cannot put 5G poles every 100 feet out here! The rocky ground is too unstable!). Dystopia? Only if they remove all of us into big city stack n’ packs….it may be within the “constitution free zone” but it’s not within the gun free zone if you know what I mean….watch out for pesky felines, feral hogs, and bears, oh my!

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