The flag

I had to go to the big city today.  I noticed a car parked with this flag attached to the rear of the vehicle.  I did not know there was a flag called ‘The Thin Blue Line’ (police flag).

I did a search for ‘flag to honor civilians killed by police’ ….nothing  

3 thoughts on “The flag

  1. Good. Let all the pigs and pig lovers make targets out of themselves. I’m glad they have a flag.

  2. The enforcers of tyranny MUST bare the brunt of the people’s resistance to it… they can be buried with their fkn flags….

    Enforce tyranny and unlawful edicts and pay the price..
    You play you pay

    DTTNWO always…hey tards in costumes….pic up the bill of rights and fkn read it..then ask yourself if you are following the oath u took…hmmmmmmm

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