The Great U.S. Treasury Dump of 2015: “This decline is the most on record since the data started”

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Chances are you will never hear financial pundits on mainstream media warning the public about the billions of assets being dumped by foreign central banks and creditors like China and Russia. Most people in America don’t really care so long as they still have jobs or government assistance that lets them put food on the table.

But make absolutely no mistake – the winds of change are blowing like a hurricane and the coming economic devastation will be unprecedented in human history. Those who position themselves appropriately ahead of the landfall will significantly increase their chances of not only surviving, but thriving while the rest of the country goes into panic mode.  

China is dumping U.S. debt at an alarming rate. Central banks around the world are selling U.S. government bonds at the fastest pace on record. Foreign official net sales of U.S. debt hit $123 billion in the last twelve months ending in July.

This decline is the most on record since the data started in 1978.

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Looking back at the only other periods where the U.S. Treasury had a negative 12-month period for foreign holdings while deficits rose takes us back to 1979 and 1974. Interestingly, what followed those years in the gold price was nothing less than shock and awe with the gold price rallying 92% and 127% in those following years.

August of 2015 marks only the third time this set of circumstances has happened.

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5 thoughts on “The Great U.S. Treasury Dump of 2015: “This decline is the most on record since the data started”

  1. “China is dumping U.S. debt at an alarming rate.”

    I only have one question…

    WHO is stupid enough to buy it?

  2. As a former Series VII broker, I used to sell blocks of millions, of treasuries, govvies, agencies and mortgage-backed securities to institutional accounts. The world knows what a ponzi scheme is being run here, with the fiat “money” printed by the corporation called the jew “fed.”

    The jews see the end of the ponzi scheme, and that is what concerns me – they cannot stop a runaway train called the coming economic collapse. The petrodollar is rapidly being abandoned and is no longer the reserve currency of the world. It is not the 70’s anymore.

    It is extremely unlikely that this nightmare continues for even 36 more months, before we start the great purge.

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