The Gun Shooting Hoax World Tour Hits Kenya – Kenyan Mall – CNN Busted Again Reporting Fake News

Before It’s News – by youngneill

By Sunday, reports broke of an Israeli security squad storming the complex and suddenly the latent Israeli link was thrown into relief. An Israeli security source confirmed that “Israeli advisers were at the scene helping Kenya to work out how end the siege”, according to a Reuters reporter.

6 thoughts on “The Gun Shooting Hoax World Tour Hits Kenya – Kenyan Mall – CNN Busted Again Reporting Fake News

  1. Although the explosions and dead are not faked, Mossad was present in this AlCIAda operation. It is designed to re-awaken the hate and predjudice against the Muslims, to garner support from the people for an invasion of Syria and Iran. This morning on shortwave radio, it began with Muslims should be burried with pigs to teach them a lesson. Then on NPR, it was Muslims killed Kenyans because of Sharia, the law that threatens your freedom.

    No mention was made of AlCIAda, Mossad or the real threat, Talmudic Law.

    1. The explosions are FAKE. There ARE NO DEAD.

      Check out this video. It gets really good around the 10 minute mark. It had 5000 views in 17 hours before Youtube pulled the original.

    2. I find it uncannily remarkable that we can get footage of the attack in a Kenyan mall in almost real time…
      But we can’t get footage of the Navy yard shooting…
      Or any footage of the Sandy Hook School shooting…
      Or any footage from the batman shooting in Aurora…
      Or any footage from the Murrah building in Oklahoma…
      Or any footage of the plane hitting the Pentagon…
      I guess the CCTV cameras over in Africa just golly gosh darn work way better than the ones we have here in America.

  2. I’m not buying into this any more than I bought into Sandy Hoax or the Boston ‘bombing’.

    Why wouldn’t they take their Hollywood productions GLOBAL?

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