No Reference to J*W allowed

Gilad Atzman, July 30, 2013

The Daily Mail reported today:

  “Newspaper forced to apologize over anti-Semitic clue in crossword puzzle

  • Tribune Media Services newspapers printed a crossword clue where the three-letter answer for Shakespeare’s ‘Shylock’ was ‘Jew’  
  • In response the Anti-Defamation League asked the paper to print an apology and refrain from using clues that perpetuate negative Jewish stereotypes
  • The paper issued an apology and promised not to print the clue again”

I would suggest to remove the word Jew from the English language in order to avoid future conflict with the powerful ADL. I would also recommend to avoid using the words:  chosen, occupier, colonialist, Zionist, oppressor, Israel, Dershowitz, Madoff, capital, money, communism, socialism, Talmud, Neocon, Palestine, moral intervention, justice, peace and Iraq.

These words are clearly offensive to some and surely we do not want to hurt anyone.

And here is Shylock in Yiddish, this is the kosher version:

4 thoughts on “No Reference to J*W allowed

  1. Oh no, so we can’t use the word “j*w” when reciting Shakespear?

    David Cameron says its alright to use the word “yid” if you happen to be standing at the Tottenham Hotspur football stadium in London though.

    A couple things to make you all smile…

    1. Hi Angry…I hear tell over in Europe the one event in history that you can never, ever question is the Holocaust. If you question it you wind up in prison.
      Lol at “Biggus Dickus”…Monty python is hilarious.
      “Excuse me…Are you the Judean People’s Front?”
      “Fukk off!!! We’re the People’s Front of Judea!!!!”

      1. That is correct. Charges of anti-semitism or questioning the Holohoax will land one in jail in France and Germany for certain. Not sure about Britian, but since that is the hub of the banker’s finance scam, I’d assume a yes.

      2. Every month or so, a day of lessons is dedicated to the “Holocaust” in Britain’s schools, I excused my daughter from them when she was at school getting a lot of abuse from the school, I responded asking whether they thought my child was likely to grow up and invade Poland if she missed these lessons.

        Across the EU it is now a crime to question even the figures and its all victim, guilt and handout, never once do we hear the J*ws saying to Britain thanks for drawing a line in the sand against Hitler who smashed our nation up for sticking up for the J*w’s, nor do we hear an apology for the British soldiers brutally mutilated by Israeli terrorists in Palestine.

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