The Mantra: Practical Tips for Resisting the Police State

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Sun Tzu counseled that it is madness – because pointless – to directly confront a superior foe. A costumed goon with a badge and a gun, for instance. You will lose (cue Dolph Lundgren voice from Rocky IV).

But that doesn’t mean you must cooperate with said goon.

In that spirit, here are some practical tips and things to keep in mind the next time you’re compelled to interact with one of America’s Swinest:  

* Never forget: Cops are not your friend; they are not there to “help” you. They are there to bust you. Don’t make it easier for them. Make it harder for them.

* Never forget that cops are legally permitted to lie to you. Take nothing they tell you at face value. Assume their intentions are malignant.

* Never forget that a cop is a law enforcer. He is there to enforce the law – any law, every law. It doesn’t matter whether the law is reasonable – or whether you’re a nice guy who doesn’t “deserve” to be hassled. Cops are paid to enforce the law. Period.cops 2

* If stopped, keep your window rolled up almost all the way; leave just enough of a gap to allow you to hand the cop your license/documents. If he “asks” you to roll it down, politely decline. Whenever a cop “asks,” it means you do not have to comply. If they order you to do something, then you must do it. But force them to make it clear you are being ordered to comply – “Is that an order?” – and are only complying under duress and not of your own free will.

* Be civil – not slavish. A cop is not “sir.” By so addressing him, you feed his inner bully and Rule Number One for dealing effectively with bullies is to not let them think you are a pussy. Simple – and curt – “yes” and “no” answers will get the point across without being directly confrontational.

* Never make the mistake of responding directly to a cop’s purposefully leading questions – which means, all of his questions. If the cop says, “Do you know why I stopped you?” You tell him, “I suppose you will tell me your reason.” If he says, “Do you know how fast you were going?” You say, “I’m sure you have an opinion.”cop 3

If he asks whether you’ve been drinking, you remain silent.

* Never concede anything that could be construed – will be construed in court – as evidence in support of whatever charges are leveled at you.

* Never admit to anything – ever.

*Never attempt to excuse anything you may have done. Be silent. Shrug. But do not make excuses. Do not offer an explanation. If you do, you’ve just handed the cop exactly what he wants most – a tacit admission of guilt, which in court will become the basis for establishing your legal guilt.

* You have to give them your ID and insurance info – if you are operating a motor vehicle on “public” roads.  It is “the law.” But you do not – yet – have to tell them where you’re going, where you’ve been – or anything else. If asked, shrug.  State – politely, calmly – that you won’t be answering any questions.cop final

* Ask – repeatedly – whether you are free to go. It’s an excellent stock answer to cop questions.

* If you have a concealed carry permit, the cop probably already knows – having run your license plate info through the computer in his car. Still, it is good policy to tell him, even if you are not legally obligated to do so (it varies, state to state). This is a psychological tactic which shows you (in the cop’s eyes) to be “cooperative” without your actually having complied with anything that’s against your interests. It may help defuse the situation – important when guns are involved.

* Never consent to a search. If a cop asks for permission, he is asking permission. It means he hasn’t got legal probable cause – yet. Do not give it to him. Politely tell him, “I do not consent to any searches.” Repeat as necessary.  If he searches you/your vehicle anyway, you may have a legal basis for challenging the admissibility of anything found. But if you gave your consent to the search – and not objecting is the same as consenting – then anything found as a result of that search can and will be used against you in court.cop last 2

* Record the interaction. Higher courts have consistently ruled it is legal to do so, irrespective of what the cop tells you (see point made above about cops lying). There is no expectation of privacy in public. He can record you – you can record him. Use audio and video. If the cop “asks” you to turn off the equipment, politely decline. Merely state you are recording the interaction in the interests of everyone’s safety.

Just like they do to us.

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9 thoughts on “The Mantra: Practical Tips for Resisting the Police State

  1. “If he says, “Do you know how fast you were going?” You say, “I’m sure you have an opinion.”

    The Officer then may state what speed he “clocked” you at, but you will still get the “green stamp.” According to the motor vehicle license contract (that is why driving is a Privilege and not a Right. You surrendered it under Contract), one must be in control of their vehicle at all times. If said operator states “no,” they are admitting that they were not in control of the vehicle. That is also why most times, the vehicle that hit the one in front is placed “at fault.” Said vehicle driver was not in control of vehicle. You did not break the “Law,” you breached the Contract.The State owns the vehicle. Therefore the State can do what ever it wants to with its property. Police are basically not there to “protect” you, but mostly to enforce Contracts. Speaking of the “green stamp,” I would like to know, is there a law that states or written within the contract license that I must “take” everything that is handed to me? The enforcement officer may hand it to me, but what if I say “I don’t want it” and refuse to take it? Then what? Swat team time? lol

    1. Excellent points.Here is some more required reading on the subject:

      I would just like to add that while passive non-compliance may get you beat up and/or tazed now,it just might save your ass if any evidence they “find” (nudge,wink) in your vehicle is ruled inadmissible later.Better a few lumps now that 20+ years of unwanted “diversity” later if you catch my meaning.On a personal note,I have skated more than once by employing the above tactics.They work simply because cops are lazy and tend to follow that path of least resistance.If he figures you`re more trouble than your`re worth,he`ll move on to easier prey.

  2. I see the female cop in the last picture is a Santa Cruz, CA cop … the first city in the United States to implement Agenda 21 in the late ’90’s. Santa Cruz is a major Communist city chock full o’Libs.

    . . .

  3. All of this stuff is useless. The cops will do anything they want to you, period and there’s nothing you can say or do or even NOT say or NOT do to stop it. Plain and simple. They’ll call their buddies and taser the shit out of you for not complying or keeping silent if they want to. I disregard this crap. It’s useless these days. All of this is one big false sense of security.

  4. “A cop is not “sir.” By so addressing him, you feed his inner bully and Rule Number One for dealing effectively with bullies is to not let them think you are a pussy.”

    This is good advice for confronting a schoolyard-type “bully”, but it’s a bit different when dealing with a professional bully. Many police take the job for the feeling of power it gives them, and showing a little respect for the authority he craves, and is provided by law, is a good way to get you off the hook in many instances.
    You’re not a “pussy” because you say “yes, sir” to a cop, but very often that’s all it takes for him to let you drive away, and if you have a trunk full of firearms, that’s the result you’re looking for. Being confrontational is the sure-fire way to increase your problems when dealing with anyone’s Napoleonic complex.
    Sometimes it’s wiser to be a tad “submissive” if doing so secures your escape.

  5. This may be true in practice. But, in theory, there’s also such a thing as self respect, right and wrong. In this country, there’s been so much brainwashing and compliance to authority programmed into our society by right-wing thugs and “anti-crime” political control freaks in positions of power , that American Lemmings are ready to bend over for a cop and confess to anything. You see it all the time – terrified people who should keep their mouths shut not even asking for a lawyer, while the local Gestapo grills them at the police station. Remember – they work for you, the taxpayer, even if they’ve long forgotten that basic principle; and most of them have. Actually, they’re the ones who should be addressing YOU as “Sir” and “Ma’am”. Never say “Sir” to a cop.

  6. On the subject of wether or not to address a police officer as ‘Sir’, the correct thing to do is address them as ‘Officer’ i.e. “Yes, officer” “No, officer” “I do not consent to any searches, officer.” They are an officer of the law and it is perfectly correct to address them as such.

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