NK Fighter Jet Activity Increases Dramatically, Evacuating Civilians Into Tunnels, Camouflaging Transports

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

North Korea has begun evacuating some citizens into tunnels with emergency provisions and putting military camouflage on buses and trucks, the South Korean Defense Ministry said Tuesday.

North Korea has dramatically increased the number of fighter jets in its skies over the last few days, an unnamed government official told South Korean-based news agency Yonhap, and may have closed access to its limited internet from the outside.  

“Flights of North Korean air force’s fighter jets and helicopters reached about 700 sorties on March 11,” the source said. South Korean sources often only reveal information to local media on the condition of anonymity.

All that was left now, was for North Korea to “unleash merciless retaliation” against ongoing U.S.-lead sanctions and war games, Yonhap reported, citing an official North Korean government statement.

North Korea has responded to on-going U.S.-South Korean war games by creating its own war-like atmosphere, the Seoul-based Daily NK reported. “Before the military exercises started on the 11th, orders were handed down telling us to raise the readiness posture one step from ‘combat mobilization,’” the North Hamkyung-based source told the online newspaper.

Simple question for everyone, what is North Korea going to do?  I don’t ever remember thembeing on this type of footing over war games before.  Martial lawhigh alert, cancelled armistice, etc. etc.   -Mort


6 thoughts on “NK Fighter Jet Activity Increases Dramatically, Evacuating Civilians Into Tunnels, Camouflaging Transports

  1. Still sticking with my belief that all this North Korean nonsense is all being staged to kick off a new cold war, and reap all the profits that accompany it.

    Why and how would N. Korea attack us? Are they even a credible threat? What you’re seeing here is the creation of a new boogie-man that you’re supposed to live in fear of, and nothing more.

    1. Possibly. Maybe the elite sent Rodman to pay off Kim to start chaos and mayhem in the East to get tensions started for WWIII in the East. You know how the elite just love paying and playing both sides.

  2. I find it funny how Rodman goes over there for a week and then after he leaves, Lil Kim decides to break all hell loose.

    What did Rodman tell Kim? Or better yet, what did our foreign government tell Rodman to tell Kim?

  3. Is Rodman that Orange-haired freak of a basketball player from a decade ago? How did he get involved with this?
    Please don’t tell me he’s the new secretary of state or something.

  4. Isn’t it amazing that broke, famine struck and evil NK has the ability to put civilians in bunkers/tunnels out of harms way? and with emergency provisions to boot?
    I would not be overly surprised if it turned out that NK was a land of milk and honey. That shows how much faith I have in the media these days.

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