The maskless visit Trader Joes

Feb 14, 2021
This group of people showed up to a Trader Joes grocery store in Santa Cruz, California and they proceeded to cause some very much needed EPIC CHAOS!!! We need more of these type of events in the future and we need to BOYCOTT these businesses for treating people this way. If ever a video needed to go viral, this is the one!

5 thoughts on “The maskless visit Trader Joes

  1. It was NO PROBLEM while BLM Burnt these corporate scum stores to the ground, watch what happens when the Ohhh so Scary Anti-Maskers” start torching these fkn places…Then you’ll see the Military out in force…

    Because that’s what has to happen sooner than later.

    If all the sheep are going to continue shopping at these traitorous corp entities who require all these Unlawful mandates, then no matter what you do, nothing will change. Only if they feel it in their Bottom line hard will they capitulate, and you know it ain’t gonna happen, too many sheep.

    So, their Stores, warehouses and I guess every other fkn biz entities who are supporting ALL OF THIS Fkn BS have to feel the burn…!

    Just wear BLM Shirts, masks and Hoodies, and Whalla they’ll stand down while you throw fire bottles… Ha ha

  2. Why bother , just leave the sh**thole state to itself. That’s what happens when they (think they took) take the guns, and your right to self protection.
    They all yell “that’s assault”, so what? As if there will be justice in the courts…… Fools.

  3. Traitor Joes..huh..what ?
    I thought this was a story about our new head of idiots , joe the traitor

    maybe this is a good time to remind people about ‘Ol traitor Joe
    Joe Biden was the one who leaked the identity of special ops Seal Team 6 which resulted in their helicopter being targeted and shot down resulting in the deaths of 17 Seal Team 6 members and 22 Navy personnel

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