6 thoughts on “The new COVID-19 testing methods in Chinese airports

  1. Well, this is literally taking it up the arse. They’ll just keep sticking it to the people & people get exactly what they’re willing to put up with, period.

  2. GALEN……wtf, OMG, they really are some sick fks…

    Guess we see where this is all going huh, well it’s been fun people, but if you do not know you are at war at this point, we probably can’t help you.

    Oh, that’s right this is China, can’t ever happen in Amerika….


    1. This just in…….. They have discovered that the anal swab has not proven 100% reliable due to the interference of fecal matter bacteria. The vaginal swab is now the preferred method. Those who do not currently have a vagina will have to be surgically opened below the abdomen in order for a foolproof result to be obtained. Should that possibly fail, the only alternative left is forced autopsy, which must be preceded by murder. This will afford the peace of mind in determining whether, in fact, the person is a carrier of Covid. Death is so very safe. Until then, all should remember Mom’s instructions to “never go out without clean underwear.”


  3. I sort of joked about the nasal swab NOT being a “rectal harvest” when a doc needs a stool sample, or catheter for urine sample, but never thought,…good god this is bad.
    How far?!?!

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