The NSA is considering granting Edward Snowden amnesty in return for the stolen documents

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Edward Snowden, through the leakage of several top secret NSA documents, has reveals the depths of the NSA spying program. Because of this he was forced to flee the United States and now lives in asylum in Russia.

While the ramifications of the Snowden leaks have been far reaching it has been reported that only 1% of the documents in Edward Snowden’s possession have been made public. This means that there is an astronomical amount of potentially damaging material which has not yet come to light, and the NSA will do just about anything to ensure it never does–up to an including granting Edward Snowden amnesty in return for the unreleased documents.  

National Security Agency officials are considering a controversial amnesty that would return Edward Snowden to the United States, in exchange for the extensive document trove the whistleblower took from the agency.

An amnesty, which does not have the support of the State Department, would represent a surprising denouement to an international drama that has lasted half a year. It is particularly unexpected from a surveillance agency that has spent months insisting that Snowden’s disclosures have caused vast damage to US national security.

The key part of that quote is the part about how the leaks have caused damage to US national security, for that is sure to be their defense in granting Edward Snowden amnesty.

The NSA will claim they are granting Snowden amnesty in return for the documents in order to protect national security, when in reality they are offering him amnesty in order to protect their own asses from the American people in an attempt to cover up just how vast this spying program really is.

10 thoughts on “The NSA is considering granting Edward Snowden amnesty in return for the stolen documents

  1. Oh puhlleasse! After everything that’s been said and done. HA! Tell me another one. They really think we were born yesterday.

  2. I am the walrus comes to mind. Surprised hes still alive…until hes not. Of all places russia. Defecting to the other side before shtf.

  3. he will be killed faster than Oswald. Bet your lives on that..this is too good to he has things on most of our so called senile senators and the rest of the crap from Washington dc…the animals are sacred. Good the vermin know their day of reconning is back will be my bitch..stick that up yours..sold my country. Sold it down the in blood you congress rats ..

  4. “Run Snowden Run.”
    As unfortunate as it is, this isn’t the world we live in. The NSA and the Feds want you to belive it is…
    Louis Armstong – What A Wonderful World

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