8 thoughts on “The pain these lockdowns have caused

  1. I’m willing to bet that more seniors die from loneliness, depression, and broken hearts than covid19. I would rather die with dignity than be put in such a place.

    1. agree

      shoot me first
      my wife and I have a pact …and a plan ( it doesn’t involve either one of us killing the other , but it does go to the lengths to protect whats ours)
      dont let this happen to your family

      but , if they plan on putting you in a place like this , yer better off dead

      1. My mom never wanted to ever go to a nursing home like her mom did. My greedy relatives had sold my grandmother’s apartment building in Brooklyn in the late 1990’s, took all the money, and put her in a nursing home claiming she was broke. She passed in 2001. My grandfather had died in 1966 before I was born, but many relatives lived in that six unit building all those years. In any case, I carried out my mom’s wishes to the bitter end. She wanted to die in her own home, which she did. Some of my relatives accuse me of murdering her despite the doctors from our state’s best hospital and the hospice care team saying the exact opposite. You are also right about nursing homes wanting to steal whatever money a senior has. Greed is a disgusting and vile disease that too many in this world suffer from.

  2. my Mom is in advanced stages of Dementia , she’s fell a few times and required hospitalization and out patient therapy
    My family and Father are working very hard to keep her out of any place like this, and its not easy ,, the “institutions” want you in their facilities to not only isolate them , but pilfer their bank accounts and strip their estates ,, all these “assisted care” ” old folks homes” etc whatever you want to call them , are springing up everywhere with huge price tags to come with .< someones getting rich off this suffering big time!

    they are robbing our families of the hard work our elders have done , and stealing your families wealth

    we saw it coming years ago when they tried this shit on my Grandma ( my Moms mom) .. we have a plan.. but you have to do it while they are still alive , and you cant allow them to live in these places or their estate is gone .. they will steal every last dime.

  3. Hubby’s mother actually wanted to go into a nursing home the last 6 months or so of her life. We refused to do that, saying we’d do what was needed for her (she was tethered to an oxygen concentrator….she refused to give up smoking until it was too late…and needed to walker to get around. Both would cook for her as well, and clean, laundry, etc. Because I once worked in a nursing home in Florida and knew the conditions, plus my dad nearly died in one before dying in a Fl hospital. MRSA doncha know….and the only time I got serious infections was being a hospital nurse aide in early 70s…two staph infections!

  4. My mom aint in no damned nursing home and I wont allow it, she stays right here at the house where she belongs with the rest of us. Whatever sonova BITCH is the son of that woman needs EXECUTED for leaving her like that. BASTARDS.

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