The Rise of AR-15 Liberty Rifles Continue After Parkland – by Paul Gordon

The right and proper response to the Cattle Car Guides, the gun grabbers, and their hysterical cries to increase the power of the police state (because they love the police state more than they love children) is not to engage in debate with these frothing anti-libertarians, but to practice open defiance against their proposed gun confiscation laws.

One of the best ways to demonstrate that defiance is to make your own AR-15.  While the media refers to these types of guns as ghost guns, we here at iState refer to them as liberty guns, or, in the case of the AR-15, Liberty Rifles.  

If you prefer that power be titled towards individuals and free associations, then you will love this news.

One response to the hysteria, the fear porn coming out of Parkland is a dramatic increase in the amount of home-manufactured AR-15s, or, AR-15 Liberty Rifles.

This is an effective way to send the message to the Cattle Car Guides.  Eff yo polls, eff you laws, you cannot put the Liberty Rifle Genie back in the bottle.  It’s here to stay, and there is little you can do to stop it.

Not even a sniveling child, one who demands the generations that preceded him apologize and then thank him for rescuing them from their own stupid world (because a teenager understands the world better than all the generations that came before him, which is something that a police state dreamer would say), can stop the advance of the Liberty rifle.

From Washington Examiner

After Parkland, a surge in make-your-own AR-15 rifles

A gun-technology pioneer says he’s seeing a “huge explosion” in sales of a machine that allows people to make their own untraceable AR-15-style rifles in response to the national debate on gun control.

Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson, maker of the Ghost Gunner auto-milling machine, says sales doubled in February after the Valentine’s Day massacre at a Florida high school, where 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz stands accused of murdering 17 people with an AR-15.

During the first five days of March, sales took another leap after President Trump endorsed tighter background checks and a higher national age limit for gun purchases. From March 1-5, the open-source nonprofit sold as many machines, nearly 200, as it usually does in a month.

“This is a machine that allows you to make a ton of ARs, and people actually do it. I’m shocked. It’s like an obsession for some people,” said Wilson, a 30-year-old self-described free market anarchist whose organization’s previous rate of sales would bring in a few million dollars a year.

“I think it’s very, very good that someone can make 12 ARs for themselves. That’s a real political capability,” he said.

Wilson said he believes a “very conservative” estimate would be that 25,000 to 30,000 AR-15s are in circulation because of his machine, the first generation of which was introduced in 2014. Sometimes, he’s contacted by authorities, he said, after the machines have changed hands.

4 thoughts on “The Rise of AR-15 Liberty Rifles Continue After Parkland

  1. nothing to scoff at but still.
    the machine only produces the lower. which according to the batfe is the only part of the gun to be a “gun” and the only part which would have a serial number. you would still need the rest of the gun which you can buy lots of places

    for now.

  2. AR15’ should be fence posts
    With or without the stupid governments numbers on them

    Actually numbers have become a form of tracking for purposes of confiscation
    So scratch that idea

    No numbered fence posts
    Across the USA

    And if the cry babies don’t like that
    I hear they can buy a fkin ticket to fly a plane somewhere there ain’t no guns and fkin stay there

  3. What this ” ‘huge explosion’ in sales of a machine that allows people to make their own untraceable AR-15-style rifles” tells us is that their psy-ops aren’t working anymore.

    Our movement has been growing underground for decades, and we’re now part of an overwhelming majority. Gun sales through the roof, no one believes the Zionist news anymore, and any corporation that pisses off patriots flirts with bankruptcy.

    The Zionist propaganda machine will always try to convince you that you’re part of a tiny group of extremist radicals, but the fact of the matter is that we ARE America, and I’m seeing changing attitudes in people who believed the TV not too long ago.

    Speak up, and you’ll find out that you have people of a like mind living near you who can be organized into a fighting force that will defend the Bill of Rights, and send the SWAT teams running.

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