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So I broke into your House–So What?

A lady wrote and sent the following letter to the Editor of her local newspaper. She should be asked to moderate the discussion on the question of Immigration How would the networks react? She is more rational than all the … Continue reading

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New Americanese Idiocracy; The USA Slave Labor 2020 Agenda

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No One Cares If You Go Home Safe At The End Of Your Shift

Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse – by Michael Z. Williamson Here at the house, I have a couple of decades plus of military experience.  I have tools to dig in or out of natural disasters.  I have extinguishers and hoses. I have … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Talk About Ex Post Facto Laws & Resistance To Tyranny

Freedom Outpost – by Suzanne Hamner America, it’s time to talk about ex post facto laws.  Why has the time come to talk about such things and understand it?  States, municipalities, and Congress are moving toward passing laws and ordinances … Continue reading

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Amendments to Calif. “Ghost Gun” Bill Would Enact “Staggering” New Firearms Parts Regulations

Firearms Policy Coalition SACRAMENTO, CA (April 6, 2018) — Firearms Policy Coalition today announced that it had acquired new “mock-up” language for California Assembly Bill 2382 (AB 2382), currently a bill authored by Asm. Mike Gipson (D – Carson) to expand the … Continue reading

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Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary Changes Definition Of ‘Assault Rifle’ After Parkland Shooting

The Federalist – by Bre Payton Soon after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary changed its definition of “assault rifle.” The entry for “assault rifle,” which was updated March 31, 2018, reads as follows: 

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Automatic Target Recognition of Personnel and Vehicles from an Unmanned Aerial System Using Learning Algorithms

SBIR STTR Description: TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Electronics OBJECTIVE: Develop a system that can be integrated and deployed in a class 1 or class 2 Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) to automatically Detect, Recognize, Classify, Identify (DRCI) and target personnel and ground platforms or other … Continue reading

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The Waco Lie

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Bill Cooper Warned about Deep State 20 YEARS AGO

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#MarchForOurLives: Leaked Audio Confirms Broward Teachers Plan To Storm DC Without Permits & Parkland Students Given Scripted Anti-Second Amendment Talking Points

Sons of Liberty Media And you won’t hear about this in the mainstream media, I can guarantee you that!  Investigative journalist Laura Loomer was provided an audio recording of a meeting that occurred on Tuesday between students from Parkland, Florida … Continue reading

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Statist Logic

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The Rise of AR-15 Liberty Rifles Continue After Parkland – by Paul Gordon The right and proper response to the Cattle Car Guides, the gun grabbers, and their hysterical cries to increase the power of the police state (because they love the police state more than they love … Continue reading

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Democratic Socialists of America – Introduction to Marxism

Young Democratic Socialists of America DSA On-Line Virtual “Socialist School” Course The course will be 1.5 hours during the 7 – 10 PM EST slot on Feb 24, Mar 24, April 28 and May 26. There will be either one … Continue reading

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Cops Run a Redlight, Blame Me

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Peter G. Kokalis: Firestorm How To Handle & Fire Fully Automatic Weapons

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Gov Schools to Become Anti-Gun Political Platforms Thanks to Neo-Marxist Organization – by Paul Gordon All across America, thousands of publicly funded schools, government schools, have decided to open their doors to the neo-Marxist organization known as the Women’s March, a highly partisan, far-left radical organization. They have opened their … Continue reading

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Are the Inmates Running the Asylum Now?

Activist Post – by Scott Lazarowitz This whole situation with the young people being brainwashed with leftist-authoritarian claptrap is really quite a thing now. I have no idea how to describe this situation in Amerika. It’s bizarre, to say the … Continue reading

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Pooh and Piglet

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Early Machine Guns 1482 to 1901

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