The Sandy Hook Made for TV Drama Hoax

Published on Jan 10, 2013 by Ken Truthurts

I tried to use the excellent movie “Wag the Dog” to help people see how easy it is to “FAKE” news, particularly in light of the techcnology available.

Thanks to the many people who are absolutely destroying the Sandy Hook BS story. Hopefully, we can get the big alternative media sites to start exposing this obvious HOAX.

Sent to us by the maker of the video.

4 thoughts on “The Sandy Hook Made for TV Drama Hoax

  1. You see, this is what happens when you get a low budget director like Roger Corman to direct a production.

    Had they not been so tight-fisted, and hired a big name director like Spielberg or Lucas, they might have had a chance at actually being convincing.


  2. Collective Punishment has had volumes written on it’s innate unfairness.
    There are numberless perverts trading tens of thousands of Kiddie-Porn photos,
    But NO ONE demands all cameras and printing presses be banned.
    Why COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT for all gun owners, and not for all POSSIBLE PURVEYORS of KIDDIE PORN?
    Where is our “hero” Obama as the mountains of KIDDIE PORN and CHILD SEX SLAVERY flourish?
    How many CHILDREN are kidnapped, molested, photographed, and murdered in this country, and NOT A PEEP out of “Mr. WONDERFULL” and his Moronic sidekick.
    I can guarantee there are far more dead child victims of KIDDIE PORN Purveyors, then there are of shootings.
    Where is the Obama/Biden PIOUS “search for answers” replete with FOREGONE CONCLUSIONS.

    1. totally excellent point…

      Tim makes a good point about the “Hollywood” tribe

      and the currency printing press [LIE FACTORY]…Talmudvision impacted faction…?

      where is the righteous indignation from the “Actors”…?

      See Isaiah 13

      The Almighty is not mocked…

      Cowboys & Jews…

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