The Telsa Killing Machines- Autonomous Suicide

When this publically financed garbage first came out the box many were skeptical to say the least, at least I was. I knew this technology was way too early to become in any way shape or form safe. Our roads were not adequately prepared to deal with this fantasy type of transportation mode called autonomous driving. No way in the world could our current infrastructure adequately deal with hands off driving safety No way, simple as that.

What should have been dealt with first was to re-think America’s roads, and how to include imbedded sensors within the road itself before any of this fantasy land BS hit the markets. Now, just as many fantasy publicly financed boondoggles before this, billions have been simply thrown out of the autonomous window. American Nationals once again get the autonomous shaft as the idiots in office continue to green light this endless money pit.  

Did I forget to mention, innocent people have been killed and continue to be killed?

Many American National engineers around our country, out of work, who could have solved this problem overnight, now look on as this madman of the twenty first century, Elon Musk who was allowed to go forward and soak the public for billions with a George Jetson con, knowing he was dead wrong.

Our leaders, so disparate to force autonomous killing machines upon us have looked the other way, knowing the entire road apparatus must be redesigned before anything fully autonomous can be safely achieved. The roads must be able to talk to the car, the cars must be able to talk to each other, before any of this killing technology we currently have will be safe, and work properly.

America simply is not ready for this crap that has been shoved down our throats. There is a madman at the helm of Telsa who simply doesn’t get it, or does he? Let’s face it, he has control of $billions doesn’t he?

While we fight endlessly for the restoration of our Bill of Rights, our freedom and sovereignty, we now have to look over our shoulders, praying we’re not the next victim of an autonomous killing machine zeroing in on our backside.

Elon Musk, stick with rockets…….

2 thoughts on “The Telsa Killing Machines- Autonomous Suicide

  1. Probably one of the largest cons ever perpetrated on the American public. Would you put your pregnant wife in one of these death traps, turn on the autonomous function and let the car drive her through the Los Angeles interstate system to the doctors office?

    Chances are, next time you see her, it’s in the morgue….

    It would take a month to explain what’s wrong with this crap, as Enemy of the State said, before you even consider utilizing this crap, get some pilot training, understand what the hell auto pilot is, and understand the real meaning of the functionality. Even then, this stuff really doesn’t belong in our car as we know it today. Pie in the sky technology, fantasy land stuff. Everything needs to re thought before any of this technology will be safe.

  2. Mark; You were saying this from day one, and you were right all along.

    They’re a long way off from replacing drivers, and every attempt seems to result in more dead bodies.

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