The US government’s crackdown on university protests and TikTok is a calculated move to silence dissent and support Israel’s war agenda against Iran, all at the expense of American interests.

13 thoughts on “The US government’s crackdown on university protests and TikTok is a calculated move to silence dissent and support Israel’s war agenda against Iran, all at the expense of American interests.

  1. This guy?

    Jus’ sayin’…

    “I am a Donald Trump cultist. I am a soldier for Donald Trump. I serve at the personal pleasure of Donald Trump, my Supreme Leader. I am the Praetorian Guard of Donald Trump. If Donald Trump ordered me to do an extrajudicial killing I would perform it.”
    — Nick Fuentes


  2. This fagg0t again? Really?! Fuentes IS the enemy & there are MUCH better people out there broadcasting the information better than him without all the attached deception. Also jus’ sayin’…

        1. Yeah. True. But he sure talks a lot about marrying a teen girl. I heard 16, but then again, I mostly avoid him, so it’s likely younger. Creepy, either way. CREEPY!!!


  3. Diana, I wrote the following in response to the vid you just posted by “Angry Canadian.” Now I see it’s gone, but I’d like to share my thoughts anyway:

    There are protests and there are protests. There will always be infiltration and co-opting, yet, today I believe most are there to condemn genocide. But this guy you posted is a pure case of MIXING THE ISSUES. Yes, the invasions are working against the American people, but these protests started in academia, even Ivy League; the Muslim presence followed afterward. These were/are young people with consciences standing up to the evil occupation and brutal genocide. His black-and-white thinking blurs the layers. I am sickened by what I see in Gaza. Will I not stand against it just because some others are trying to change the direction of the spotlight? We have to work our way through the layers and bring it down to what’s right and what’s wrong. To be silenced or subdued is to succumb. So whether we’re passing the word, doing radio broadcasts, taking to the streets, or any other actions demonstrating opposition to Israel’s “crimes against humanity,” at least we’re doing something. A false opposition will find it hard to stop such a force for good. And because we’re multi-purposed, we can fight/oppose both genocide and Jewish-orchestrated invasions all at the same time. What’s that guy gonna do when his town becomes Little Palestine? And I don’t mean just standing next to people who look or speak differently, but what’s he gonna do when all he has is stolen from him and bombs are dropping on his family? What?? Until we’re in full battle mode, I commend all efforts to stop genocide.


    1. hi galen, I had second thoughts about that post because the Trenches is dedicated to the Bill of Rights and that I might have made a mistake, so I removed it.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You are one of the clearest thinkers and writers I know. I truly appreciate your work here.

      One of the thoughts that prompted me to withdraw my promotion of these 2 particular rants by the Angry Canadian, was that he did miss the mark by mis-interpreting what they were chanting when he said the Palestinians were calling for genocide. They were actually saying “Israel makes food for genocide.” He didn’t understand where those words came from. I didn’t want to contaminate the Trenches, so this is why I had to remove it.

  4. galen, I strike pure gold every time I read your replies, especially when they draw my my attention to reading them over several times to absorb the heart and soul of the person with the thoughtful insight that makes every word count. I’m sickened by what I see when I read my social media posts that are supposed to bring awareness to the situation in Gaza. The cruelty in the comments is hard for me to take, and I’m not the one suffering the brutal reality of what they have been under for decades there. Your insight and understanding brings me comfort in this regard. Golden Galen. 🙂

    You’re so right about working through the layers. In Canadian media, it’s layers of deceit regarding Oct. 7 and of course, being sure the “anti-semitism” card is played like the ace of spades to the point of being criminalized here for “anti-semitism.”

    1. Thanks, Diana. and I learn from you, too, and many other Trenchers. Not easy to figure out the mess. We’re always making soup and quite often Soros is stirring the pot. Just came across another layer: Native Americans standing for Jewish students:

      Well, we might not know everything in breaking down right and wrong, but we’re certain GENOCIDE is horribly WRONG.

      (sad face, mad face)


      1. Russell Means was the most intelligent Indian I have ever heard speak. Far and above. I dont know who these Jew-ass-kissing indians are. Five will get you ten, they got a big nice stack of paper bills with Andrew Jackson on them for doing this. I wonder if they would sing a song for their own genocide if the price was right?
        This link is heavily censored, but this is what Russell had to say about the Palestinians:

        1. and then, we have the layers of irony as well. These American Indians have all but been genocided, themselves, as people who assume Jewish identities print money with the face of a man who “killed the bank” and who was targeted for assassination, while plundering the tribes of the ancestors of these natives, only to stick the survivors onto reservations, while others who identify as Jews (invaders and thieves of their ancestral lands and resources) are used as pawns today, to further the genocide of the Palestinians who are their closest indigenous relatives, who are now having done to them, what was done to the American Indians! AJ killed the bank. The Jews tried to assassinate him. They later put his face on the money. Just worthless pieces of paper for some Stockholm Syndrome songs for the descendants of the genocidal Jewish ancestors who tried to wipe AJ and them, out, and left the natives dependent on pieces of paper with the face of a man who they tried to kill because he fought the Jewsish bankers!

        2. Thank you, Henry. Russell was certainly a light, a light of intelligence, compassion, and strength. He was not afraid to call it as he saw it. I look at him and see a real man. I know if he were still alive he’d be with us in The Trench, and it could be he already is.

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