9 thoughts on “Their own Gated Community

  1. By Jove, I think he’s got it!

    There is so much underlying insight into the Police State here. Well done.

    1. Well, if they would give the guards of said prison a urinalysis and empty the evidence room, I think we might then be able to solve the drug problem in prisons.

    2. Well since the liberals and Big Pharma want everyone on some form of medication, then what’s the problem? Lol

  2. They want to make the whole planet an open-air prison. What relief I find in the bravery of the Trenchers.

    I jumped off the ship of state
    into treacherous waters and unknown fate
    Tired I swam, from water to land
    A Trench I sought, a helping hand
    to fight the ones who’d make me a slave
    who’d fight with vision, sight, and nerve
    Ever alert in honorable resistance
    dedicated, determined to go the distance
    I knew then without a doubt
    I was among the true and stout
    I breathe a breath of the freshest air
    My heart and mind gave up despair
    The promise of life I could clearly see
    Courage lives strong in you and me
    Those turbulent waters are ours to tame
    and ignite forever freedom’s flame


  3. There simply aren’t ENOUGH prisons in this country to house all the libtards.

    Even all the FEMA camps couldn’t handle the overflow.

    1. Which is why I have a better idea… a land of all sorts of safe spaces, pristine for the radical tree huggers, lots of “cool” wildlife, and the gates are few and far between, and loads of land for all the thousands who need to be sent there–Antarctica!

      Don’t worry, the penguins will have their own safe space… sorry, tree huggers–no trees…but plenty of snow angels…

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