Their virus symptoms were minor. Then they had long Covid.


Linda Timmer wanted to practice what she preached.

While working at a domestic violence nonprofit in Arizona during the height of the Covid-19 summer wave in 2020, Timmer wrote pandemic policies for her workplace, encouraging her colleagues to wear masks and, if they had been exposed to the coronavirus or had symptoms, get tested.

Timmer herself was not aware of being exposed or having any Covid-19 symptoms, such as cough or fever, but she started experiencing some unusual moments when she felt fatigued or forgetful, along with several episodes of confusion.

“They weren’t really putting that in the list of symptoms to go get tested for,” said Timmer, now 64.

That August, “the brain confusion was so unusual for me that I just thought, ‘I’m telling everyone to wear masks and follow these policies; I better go get tested, too,’ ” Timmer said. She decided to get tested for Covid-19 at a drive-up site.

“I never expected to be positive,” she said, adding that she was “devastated,” because she did not want to miss work.

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4 thoughts on “Their virus symptoms were minor. Then they had long Covid.

  1. The “isis” bogeyman has been replaced by the “covid” bogeyman and lurks its prey around every corner.

    Be afraid! Be verrry afraid!!

    “covid toes”? Jumpin’ Jesus on a pogo stick, wtf are they gonna come up with next?

  2. They are exploding the lie, making it as though the jab symptoms are “long covid.” Always lookin’ at ways to cover their a**.


  3. Confusion lies Disinformation!!! The tools of the trade for the media and GOV.COM!!!

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