There Ought to be a Law

First Published 10-03-10

Banks, CEOs, and people making $1 million plus are in a frenzy demanding the government, that they have bought and paid for, enact measures immediately to protect the wealth they have accumulated over the past fifteen years.  What they do not mention is that the wealth was procured via a transfer from the lower middle class and working poor to them.  This transfer was accomplished through the enactment of legislation that deregulated banks and actually paid the rich to move their businesses overseas, where they pay slave labor wages and very little taxes.   When they bring the money back into our country, they pay little or no tax on their profits.

Now that the rich have accumulated nearly all of the wealth, they want to pass laws that will protect their assets.  It’s really too bad no such laws existed to protect the lower middle class and the working poor.

When Freddie Mac, Fanny Mae, and AIG were about to go under as a result of the grandest Ponzi scheme ever perpetrated on the world, well, we just couldn’t let that happen.  When the lower middle class and working poor lost their jobs, it was C’est la vie, times are tough.

Fourteen million adults are at present living with their parents in order to try to survive from day to day.  They are the lucky ones as many more are living under bridges and in their cars.  At the same time, Paris Hilton, crown princess of the international corporate mafia, announces her new show.  Of course she will make millions of dollars for doing nothing more than babbling the babblings of the mindless twit she is, but hey, that’s just one of the bennies of being a princess.

It would cost approximately $33 billion for a Tier 5 unemployment extension.  The $170 billion still sitting in reserves would finance approximately five more tiers of unemployment.  But then that money wouldn’t be sitting in the filthy rich banker’s bank allowing him to lend out $1.7 trillion to his corporate buddies in order to buy up U. S. treasuries to falsely pump up the stock market, like they have this past September.

After the elections these loans will be called in, the stock market will drop, and there will be more, huge job losses. (Problem)  The people will demand that the government step in and rescue them. (Reaction)  And a whole score of new socialist laws will be put into place by our lame duck congress. (Solution)

After more of the lower middle class and working poor have been reduced to poverty and their wealth transferred into the vaults of the filthy rich, you will hear yet another call to protect that wealth from redistribution as the minions of the international corporate mafia shout out in unison, “There ought to be a law”.

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