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There was a time…

Women’s rifle team with Springfield M1903 rifles, Central High School, Washington D.C., 1922

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4 Responses to There was a time…

  1. flee says:



    Shoot your future x husband.

    Sorry… after 10 years after my Divorce I’m still a little bitter.

  2. Ed Teach says:

    Why do so many people, especially woman arc their backs and place their shoulder behind their hip?
    It bothers me every time.
    I just want to hand them an automatic 12ga and inform them that this will fix their stance. Or set them on their tushes.

    • will E coyote. Super genius says:

      Or both…… lmao

      • Ed Teach says:

        Lol. Super genius.
        will E coyote, you made me smile before bed.
        I work 12hour night shifts 4-5 nights a week. Only whiskey being poured does that at this hour.

        I too am a super genius.
        But i do not brag.

        I do however brag about being a pirate.
        Cause rum and independence is good too!

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