12 thoughts on “THEY’RE COMING FOR THE KIDS: Obama Lawyers Trying to Take Away Parental Rights!

  1. This would be a good time for all of you to go out and find a copy of Aldous Huxley’s _Brave New World_ which was written in 1931. The vision presented in this book is a science fiction world where technocrats control all human reproduction and education. Children are grown in vats bathed in chemicals that determine the future intelligence of each human, and each designated intelligence level has strictly controlled numbers so society doesn’t have too many smart people, and plenty of dumb ones for the menial work. Education is done through subliminal insertion of controlled information during sleep. The children are raised in co-ed barracks and there is no parenting as we know it. The entire population is kept happy and distracted through sex and drugs, which the children are encouraged to engage in by the time they are five.

    Sound familiar?

    1. A better book which by the by is NOT FICTION is “the protocols of the learned elders of zion” It is an accounting of exactly what is taking place TODAY no guesswork a “play book” of the j-ws by the j-ws for the j-ws. They spelled it out step by step!!!!!!!


      1. Absolutely, everyone needs to read Protocols, even if it isn’t nearly as entertaining as Brave New World 😉

        An interesting observation about Brave New World: although its biggest competitor for “most accurate vision of the future” prize, Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, has been made into a movie more than once, BNW has never reached the silver screen. Why is that? In an earlier time the sexual content of the story may have ruled it out for a film, and some of the sci-fi details would have been difficult to create. But now many films have more daring sexual depictions than BNW, and modern special effects can easily create the sci-fi world true to the original novel. I think this is a classic story ripe for transition to film, if only Hollywood isn’t afraid that too many people will recognize in today’s world eight decades later that Huxley was dead-on right about what was planned for us.

      1. Will do…I started reading about the protocols and became side-tract on Lookout Mountain in the Laurel Canyon area of Ca. I know #1 NWO Hatr knows something about this place. It’s another subject, but the information about this place is interesting to say the least.

  2. Plastic and wood Plastic and wood. Give them a toy to keep them good.Pandas and teddy s are out of date. Nobody wants a crayon or slate. A tank a bomber twelve inch guns. Plastic soldiers by the tons. Battle wagons and jumping jeeps. Knock those soldiers down in heaps. Good clean fun. Now off to bed. Send me your children Obama said.

    1. Nice nursery rhyme. King Obama may reward you for it, if you know how to bow him when giving it to him. lol

      Unfortunately, he will take credit for writing it, since everything good is credited to him and everything bad is credited to the peasants. But don’t worry, it’s all for a good cause. Yay, NWO! (sarcasm)

  3. My sister homeschools her two girls. Always has.

    Anything happens to those girls, or her, behind this B.S…………………….

  4. I believe children should be home schooled only if they are tattooed with an Obama image in their genital area, sterilised, and brought before government interrogators weekly for hypnosis/truth serum/intensive counseling. And I am not Valerie Jarrett posing as a perverted spammer.

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