Hugo Chavez Dead? CNN Chile Received Word From ‘Conspiracy Theorist’

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According to this breaking CNN Chile story, Hugo Chavez is dead. In fact, he may have been dead for quite some time if this information is correct. However, according to other reports, Hugo Chavez is not dead at all. The Atlantic Wire informs us that CNN Chile got the word of Chavez’s death from one person only, a conspiracy theorist. First, from CNN Chile translated with the Atlantic Wire’s take on the story below the video.:

Contact with CNN Chile, Panama’s former ambassador to the OAS, Guillermo Cochez, said that since last December 30 President Chavez was declared brain dead in Cuba, with which he returned to Venezuela in that state. For this reason, it has been visited by the various leaders who have visited, questioned and denied as the last picture that was published between Chavez and his daughters.

The information obtained by the former diplomat says are “sources within the Venezuelan government” and that is information that has been circulating for weeks. “Challenge desmentirme Venezuelan government and President Chavez showing so you will know what I say is true or false ” to Venezuelans Cochez summoned to clarify the situation.

If anyone understands Spanish and could translate this report below that would be greatly appreciated by the rest of us. I certainly understand “Hugo Chavez esta muerto”, though.

From The Atlantic Wire @

On Wednesday night, one of the more obscure outposts of the CNN empire reported that Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez had died, citing a pretty sketchy Panamanian source named Guillermo Cochez. CNN Chile reported quite bluntly: “Hugo Chávez is dead.” The news itself, if true, is not unbelievable.

But Guillermo Cochez is also arguably a conspiracy theorist. Earlier on Wednesday, Cochez — and only Chochez — reported that Chávez had been brain dead since December 30. Cochez said that Chávez was being kept on life support and later, citing sources within the Venezuelan government, added that his daughters had finally decided to pull the plug. Assuming the best for President Chávez’s health, it sort of sounds like Cochez is just trolling the Venezuelans. “I challenge the Venezuelan government to prove me wrong, and to present President Chávez so that it’s known whether what I say is the truth or a lie,” Cochez told CNN Chile. (Forgive the choppy Spanish translation; it’s been a while since college.) So do we believe the guy who’s daring the Venezuelan government to prove him wrong?

3 thoughts on “Hugo Chavez Dead? CNN Chile Received Word From ‘Conspiracy Theorist’

  1. This is pure disinformation from CNN. Since when does CNN ever report the truth. Everything they say is edited and staged for the elite’s propaganda purpose. They’ve been caught time and time again with nothing but lies. I don’t believe this for a minute. This is all psychological warfare to make the people give up. This game is old. Must be getting desperate or something.

    Same thing they tried doing in Libya and the rest of the Middle East. They say that he is dead to psychologically destroy the people’s spirits, only to have him show up again later.

    Remember Gaddafi’s son who CNN claimed had been arrested or dead and he showed up in the media (mostly alternative media) in less than an hour later. Webster Tarpley was one of the people who was there to witness that lie, as well.

    This is totally bogus info. until I hear from a REAL source.

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