This Explains the Surging Numbers: Whistleblower Says El Paso Ambulances Are Bringing COVID-19 Patients from Juarez to US Hospitals

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

This is one way to up the COVID-19 numbers…

A whistleblower in El Paso, Texas told FOX 14 reporters that local firefighters are making several trips a day to the border with Juarez and bringing sick Mexicans to US hospitals in El Paso. 

The whistleblower said some days it’s only 3 or 4 trips to the border but on other days the firefighters make 13 to 14 trips to the border to bring the COVID patients to US hospitals.

And, it goes without saying, US taxpayers are covering the costs.

ABC News reported on the situation in El Paso without mentioning the obvious — that dozens of patients are from Juarez, Mexico.

KFOXTV reported:

El Paso is making international headlines for the COVID-19 outbreak.

As emergency responders are being recognized across the nation, El Paso’s first responders may be facing more danger from COVID-19 than anyone else.

El Paso firefighters in the trenches of the COVID-19 pandemic, cannot talk on the record about the number of people they are picking up every day from El Paso’s international bridges.

But a whistleblower inside the fire department spoke to KFOX14 exclusively on condition of anonymity.

“There’s somedays where it’s only three or four times and other days when it will be 13 or 14 responses. You’ll be there for one patient and [CBP] customs will let you know, hey there’s another one right behind them and another one sometime there are four or five waiting in line,” said the anonymous source.

As a result of what appear to be escalating ambulance responses at the international bridges by the El Paso Fire Department, KFOX14’s source insists the city of El Paso is being left in a dangerously vulnerable position.

KFOX14 anchor Erika Castillo was at the Stanton Bridge in downtown El Paso when a firetruck picked up a person from Ciudad Juarez and crossed back to El Paso to send the person to the nearest hospital.

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One thought on “This Explains the Surging Numbers: Whistleblower Says El Paso Ambulances Are Bringing COVID-19 Patients from Juarez to US Hospitals

  1. To be expected….why else would El Paso be a “covid hotspot”? El Paso has 750,000 people while Juarez has millions…and firefighters are doing this? Oh yeah…hotspot…. That way, “authorities” can contract trace and track 750,000 people “legally”….. Oh, and where do most folks out here go to buy Walmart-Sams-whatever stuff you can’t buy out here or where do most folks with medical needs-surgical needs go to deal with health issues (since hospitals and clinics can’t deal with them)? El Paso…and none of these folks are coming down with “covid”!

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