This fish will eat your testicles, and it’s swimming in a pond near you

This fish will eat your testicles, and it's swimming in a pond near youNew York Post – by Todd Venesia

Hey, guys, if you go lake fishing in hip boots in New Jersey, you’d better wear a cup to protect the “family jewels.”

A man and his son caught a strange species in Swedes Lake in South Jersey that turned out to be a rare Amazonian fish known in South America as the “Nutcracker,” according to reports.  

The pacu fish looks like a piranha but instead of razor teeth has flat, almost human choppers.

It’s notorious for biting the testicles of swimmers and fishermen in the Amazon, the Daily Mail said.

The Jersey pacu may have been in someone’s exotic aquarium ­before being abandoned.

10 thoughts on “This fish will eat your testicles, and it’s swimming in a pond near you

  1. Maybe Bruce Jenner should go for a dip with em, get half his junk removed for free, after all, a future gal should work toward thrift.

  2. But now we know what fishes Hillary’s been swimming with;~)

    Personally I suspect it’s intentional sabatoage from the multitude of Invaders brought here to plague us !!!

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