Three Dirty Tricks The Government Will Try to Use to Confiscate the Guns

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One thing I see with tyrants. They play dirty and do not have any rules. The end justifies the means, whether it is by hook or by crook. They will cut throats to get what they want. These people have no honor or any guiding principles. These despots believe in the raw use of force to achieve their agenda.

Here are the dirty tricks they will use to confiscate guns:

1. To those in the Military who have families residing on base housing or live in town. Move your families back to their hometowns where they have protection of friends, the community and family out of the reach of the government. Foreign troops now guarding military installations on US soil should be a red flag to all of us.

So how will they get troops to follow illegal orders against their will to disarm the American people? If Martial Law is declared, we will see foreign troops being used to round-up the families of military personal under the excuse “for their own safety”. They will hold these families hostage at the point of a gun to get soldiers to follow immoral orders to confiscate the guns. This why there is a push to disarm Active duty Military of their privately owned firearms on base and off post. Military personal and their families with guns are dangerous to the dictator.

This was done before in Soviet Russia during the Red Terror. Trotsky and his henchmen held military families hostage with a gun to the head of the spouses and children. This is how they compelled the military to follow illegal and immoral orders for the communist dictatorship, they pointed a gun at their families. If they disobeyed, the family was executed. This is why I say to military personal, send your family back home far away from the military installations.

2. We can see if they try to pull off an economic collapse. The government will create an artificial scarcity of food and other basic necessities. People will have to wait in long lines. Could the government break into homes, take the guns while people are away? The will use a state of Emergency as the excuse to confiscate guns. FEMA did this in Iowa in the aftermath of a major flood and after Hurricane Katrina. Could the government force people to turn in their guns for food from the government? This is why they are going after the preppers and making it a crime to hoard more than two weeks for food in a home. The government does not want self-sufficient people. They want people dependent under their control. They will use food as a weapon.

3. If martial law is declared, will the Military be going to the public schools locking them down? They will load students on the bus and take students to sports stadiums. The government will hold the student hostage at the point of a gun. The government will announce that if the parents want their kids back, they will have to go to the sports stadium and turn in their firearms if they want to see their kids ever again. The truth not told is if the parents are on a government pick-up list they might be held at the sports stadium where the family is broken up. The US government has done these drills loading students on military buses taken to FEMA centers set up in sports stadiums. Parents need to organize and network keeping an eye on the Public schools so they can interdict any attempts to take children away. Please have a plan ready to intervene.

The people who want our guns are the most ruthless and wicked people on this earth. They play dirty and not fair. They have seized power in most of the Federal institutions so they can use the force of government to rule over us. The end justifies the means is their strategy. They will lie and deceive. They will stab their own allies in the back if necessary. If we know their tactics of how they play dirty using our kids, food and families to get us to surrender. We can neutralize them taking away their options if they try to disarm us.

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11 thoughts on “Three Dirty Tricks The Government Will Try to Use to Confiscate the Guns

  1. I just have to say that all Active military personnel better take heed to scenario number 1, as I can see them going that far if things don’t go their way. Protect your families.

    Think of the movie, “Commando” with Schwarzeneggar and how, in the movie, they took his daughter in order to try and get him to do what they wanted him to do. The same tactic could and probably would be used on the Active military personnel. Beware!

    1. I know the movie, “Commando” is not the greatest example, but it was all I could come up with at the time. lol But you all should get the idea.

  2. My Fellow Americans:

    The author of this article makes some excellent points, especially concerning the historical use of the tactics he covers,.. but he forgot one thing,… this is America!

    The moment they tried that with the US Marines,… the whole episode will be over in less than 24 hours, and the ground will be absolutely littered with the decaying bodies of those who tried to hold their families, or the families of their buddies hostage,.. period, bar none!

    I cannot speak for how the Army dogs will react, but I can say, after having been stationed on an Army base briefly during active service, and speaking with many Army guys as a veteran,.. that Army units do not have anywhere near the cohesive Espirit De Corps that is all to common to most, if not all, Marine Corps units.

    This doesn’t mean that there aren’t good guys or units in the Army,.. there are, but the simple fact is,.. most Army units are little more than controlled welfare, and would just as soon turn on each other as a common enemy.

    Its an unfortuante truth that has little to do with perception, and everythng to do with recrutiing and training standards.

    All I can say is, if they (our treasonous) gov’t wants to try the above tactics,…. Please God,… PLEASE,.. LET THEM TRY IT!!!!!!

    My mouth just waters at the prospect of them trying it!,.. and just how quickly they will find out they have severly misjudged the American spirit,.. and THE UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS!!!

    OH – RAH MARINES! – It almost time to take out the trash!!!

    JD – US Marines – Lets get this party going!

  3. I was in the army JD and you are right.The air force is even worse ,they would do what ever they are told to do.There are some exceptions in the AF though and they are a tight knit group or at least they were.That is the Redhorse unit’s.Can’t speak for them now but when i was in they were as tight as a marine unit.Although they wern’t combat trained they were some tough sob’s.

    1. Hi Redhorse,


      All the branches of the military have some great units, and some really dedicated servicemen.

      Its a matter of degree,… as you move away from a combat centric service like the Marines, you find the percentages and unit cohesion drops very rapidly.

      My comments were not intended to slight you, the units you served in, or the character of your service, as I love all servicemen/women and vets, but this about which service is most likey to uphold the US Constitution, defend Americans, and refuse illegal or treasonous orders,… and it is without a doubt, the US Marines.

      Hence why I am hoping,…. praying,….. BEGGING that they try it!

      My God,.. I’m trembling with excitment at the mere thought of them trying it,.. and the just how quickly my brother Marines will turn them ALL into meat-confetti!!!!

      The good fight is almost upon us brother,.. sharpen your knife, punch your barrel, and be on stand-by,.. the good fight is almost upon us.

      God Speed to you and your family Redhorse.

      JD – US Marines

  4. Absolutely right on, US Citizens are dealing with Jewish-led Bolsheviks whose Noahide Laws passed through Congress by George Bush Sr, incredibly without armed resistance in 1991, leave nothing to the imagination, genocide of all non-Jewish American citizens, except for a few willing to live literally as slaves.

    This is one of the reasons why the Agenda 21 crowd are trying to make houses smaller and smaller, even smaller than they already have been built for the last few decades, to prevent people growing their own food and being self-sufficient, and to prevent people being able to be independent from the state for food and survival.

    Remember how the Russian peasant Kulaks who had been liberated by the Tsar and each given their own plots of land to grow their own food, were all slaughtered as ‘land-owners’ in the Russian ‘revolution’, and their land confiscated by the Bolsheviks. It was never about liberating people from capitalism, especially as Jewish capitalists were the ones who had funded the ‘revolution’.

    What was intended to happen under the pretense of being a revolution was nothing less than genocide of the Christian Gentiles. The Jewish Talmud and Torah still demand this, they have not changed, and neither have the Jews.

    Stalin intended fully to invade all of Europe and America once the axis powers were defeated, and Jewish traitor and 5th-columnist Roosevelt carried on giving Stalin hundreds of millions of dollars worth of armaments, for a whole year even after Stalin stated in a speech in Russia that he intended to invade America once the axis powers were defeated.

    Luckily, Roosevelt ‘died’ and was replaced before Stalin could be empowered enough to do that. Nonetheless, without the treachery of the Jew Roosevelt, Stalin would never have defeated the Germans without the war aid Roosevelt gave Stalin, under an illegal abuse of the lend-lease program.

    But the Noahide Laws prove that the Jews are fully back on track and intend to kill any or all non-Jews in the US. The Jewish religion literally states that all Gentiles are non-living demons created from the substance of Satan, and that they should all be killed and sent back to hell where they came from; “Even the best of Gentiles should all be killed” (Talmud).

    When this is over, one thing that needs much to be changed is the way houses are built. All new houses need to have large areas of land for gardening included as a basic human right, and with fractional reserve banking and all other forms of usury gone, and with all forms of gambling chicanery removed from the function of banking, with the people themselves forming banks that lend at zero interest, with staff employed as librarians are today, paid from public funds, all new houses would be a tiny fraction of what they cost today, as the Jews have been using mortgages as their cash cow to build up their mercenary armies behind the citizen’s backs for long enough.

    How dare the Jews get America to fight against Germany in WWII, then use America to slaughter the Muslims in their demented bloodlust, when the Jews themselves did 9/11, and then turn round and pass the Noahide Laws in America just 50 years later to make it ‘lawful’ to kill any or all non-Jews, just for the ‘crime’ of not being Jewish.

    The Americans are one of the very peoples who helped them, and now they plot to murder them all in cold blood after using them like robots. America should have fought on the side of Germany and then this Jewish problem would never have arisen, as Jews would all have been safely deported to other areas of the world, but never permitted to form their terrorist entity Israel. It was the Zionist US and Stalin and their cronies in the UN who brought the criminal state of Israel into existence, never the National Socialist Germany.

    See ‘911missinglinks’ for proof Jews did it.

      1. @ Dave.

        Many thanks for the link, which I have just finished reading, and it was quite distressing to read about the horrific tortures that the Jewish Bolsheviks inflicted on other peoples, and how they ruined the lives and environments of those peoples, murdering a great many of them. I am going to put that on my blogsite at ‘Mothman777’s Blog’ as a ‘heads up’ for everyone.

        Maybe it might be possible for the Jewish Communists to be defeated even now, but sadly, most seem completely hypnotized by their spell, and religiously and fanatically attack anyone who dares voice any knowledge or opinion about the Jews that reveals them as they truly are. Most are too cowardly to dare to think, and would easily be dominated by the Jewish politicians in the US and elsewhere to take up arms against those who oppose the genocidal Jewish aims, as they cannot believe that they too would ultimately be murdered by the Jews, just as the Jews today have put in place the Noahide Laws to kill all Gentile Americans, even though the Gentile Americans fought for them in WWI, WWII, and all the Middle-Eastern wars that the Jews have made them fight on the behalf of the Jews.

        The Jew never accepts any Gentile as a friend, but is masterful at pretending the most sincere friendship in order to get close enough to totally destroy the Gentiles. The Jewish crime cult pseudo-religion must be banned by law worldwide, or it will be the end of us all.

  5. mothman777 , George Patton jr. said the same very thing in regards to the heathen jews that His Army liberated from the WORK camps. He lamented in Letters to His Wife That America had helped destroy the only descent and Honorable Peoples of entire Europe…the Germans. How he went on in the last days about America Helping and supporting the Bolshevik Communist that Adolf had tried with all Germany’s might to annihilate once and for all. All evidence of credibility to honest men pointed to Roosevelt and Churchill along with Marshall and Eisenhower as devil driven Zionist, like Henry Ford had Proclaimed mere years before the WAR……
    And Patton had to be silenced..lest the truth would come to the avg. American.
    Through out all Americas generations men of Honor and standing have open spoken of the Free Mason and the jew…one and the same……even before the War for independence was finalized…the Jew was stepping up his plans,…and why not…for he had financed both combative sides in the conflict.

    Good men in our Nations History have spoken out…only to be snuffed out or sidelined….Patton,…Smedley Butler,…Patrik Henry…. H Ford….and on and on..

    1. @ oldvet

      I have read General Patton’s statement about how he believed the entire WWII was caused solely by the Jews, for their benefit alone, and it was truly a great pity that he could not have played a different role in the military, but he was restrained by Jewish-controlled people above him, and then assassinated.

      In the future, it will take people in the armed services who are willing to frag their officers if they are found to be Jewish Communist traitors and sympathizers, because there is no other way. The citizens who are presently in the armed services will need to defend patriotic principles of liberty and preserve them by ridding themselves of corrupt genocidal Jewish-dominated staff who would criminally attempt to force them to do harmful actions against their own people and against other innocent peoples of the world. There still is a chance to correct the mistakes of WWII, and fight on the right side this time.

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