Tier 5 Unemployed Order Your Public Servants!

Unemployment benefits will begin to run out today for 2 million Americans who were made unemployed through no fault of their own.  We 99ers already know the devastation of going from having a little to having nothing.  And where is the extension of unemployment benefits on the to-do list for the lame duck congress?  At number three.

At number one is of course the extension of the Bush tax cuts as the members of the international corporate mafia who own our representatives and the media would not have it any other way.

At number two is amnesty for illegal aliens as Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama has made it clear that he has and will continue to put those from other countries before the American people.

Many commentators are saying that the unemployment extensions will probably fail unless there is a compromise that will assure extensions of the Bush tax cuts to the top 2%.  When listening to the discussions in reference to the unemployment extension I hear, “How is it going to be paid for?” and “It will hurt the economy.”   When they are talking about tax cuts for the top 2% there is no mention as to how it will be paid for.  And of course it is said that it will help the economy.

So what are the experts saying?  The Non-Partisan Congressional Budget Office report says that the number one option available to lawmakers for creating jobs is extending unemployment benefits. The least effective option available is reducing income taxes in 2011.  So why are those in power so dead set against extending the unemployment benefits?

The fact is the international corporate mafia is in the advanced stages of their operation that is designed to extract all the wealth from our nation and leave all but the top 2% to suffer and die in the third world hell-hole that will be left for them.

I heard once again today, John Boehner putting forth the assertion that the people had accepted the Republican’s so called Contract with America 2.  He further went on to indicate that the majority of the American people had, through the election, insisted that the top 2% have the Bush tax cuts extended indefinitely.

Bull, John Boehner.  It’s not that this man thinks that we are fools; he just thinks that he has gotten away with something.  Before the politicians ever went on the campaign trail, everyone who was not living under a rock or at the head waters of denial knew that the incumbents were going to be voted out.  So the genius Boehner and company wrote out a list with the wants of their masters on it and announced it as a document coming from the people.

I know where you got your idea, John.  It was Sarah Palin and John McCain who ran to endorse the candidates backed by the Tea Party so that the grass roots movement could be claimed for the Republican Party.  Both of these shams represent a house of cards that is about to be met by a tornado.  Neither John Boehner, nor Sarah Palin, nor John McCain represent the grass roots out here whose tempers are reaching the boiling point.

They have not even accomplished deceiving the people in the smallest measure.  Everyone I know is saying the same thing.  We are not going to allow these traitors to continue to insult our intelligence by proclaiming their treachery as being sanctioned by the people.

Many states, mine included, offer the option of recall.  The process involves a lot of work.  But the anger of the people is motivating them more every day.  I guess if it takes starting a recall against the traitors before they ever pick up the gavel, then that’s what we had better try to do.

I have been asked the question, “How far do you think our enemies will go with their treachery?”  The answer is simple, as far as we let them.  As for the unemployment extensions, we have to remember that we run this country, not them.  If our so called law makers say we can’t pass unemployment extensions, it’s time for us to tell them, “Public servant, shut your mouth, get back in the chamber, and do as you are told.  Take the money you were going to give the top 2% and put it towards unemployment extensions including Tier 5 and do it now!”

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  1. What can I do as an individual to get Tier 5 extension passed and eliminate a tax cut extension for the wealthy 2% ? I am a 99er in Costa Mesa Ca. and just lost my benefits. I am going to be desperate!!

  2. call the white house every day and call your senators and congressmen and tell them we need and demand a tier 5 extention thats what i do twice a day and also sighn every oetion on the subject get involved .god bless

  3. I have a petition started on change.org
    The name of the petition is Unemployment tier5-united we stand-Pass unemployment extension and add a tier 5

    I need signatures on the petition…anyone interested please visit and sign if you are for extension of benefits and a tier5. We need our voices heard!

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