Tier 5 Unemployment Extension – Class Warfare

The quest for unemployment extensions is now being identified as class warfare.  I guess it is class warfare when a poor person wrecks their car and files a claim on their policy.  Henry Oliner writing for the American Thinker said, “There is something morally repugnant about expecting rescue and salvation from the same people you demonize.”  Well Mr. Oliner, we are not demonizing you for what you have, but rather how you got it.  In fact you might want to re-examine your pompous, self righteous attitude.

The unemployed, especially the long term unemployed, want nothing more than a damn job.  But you see those jobs aren’t there.  And why?  Because the rich elite shipped our jobs overseas where the work is done by the equivalent of slaves, thus further enriching the rich.  How dare you become pompous towards those that you have stolen homes from and put out on the streets?  I’ll tell you what, pal; maybe you better oil your gold plated, pearl handled derringer and prepare to defend your mountain of gold from the starving masses you seek to dismiss.

The richest 10% of Americans saw their income rise from 35% of the total income for the country in 1952 to 50% in 2007.  The top 1% saw their average income per year rise from $1.08 million in 2002 to $1.87 million in 2007.  You see real wealth cannot cease to exist.  After we lost our jobs and then our unemployment we lost every bit of our real wealth.  And where did it go?  Well you tell me.

If you look back through history you will find that the aforementioned has to be considered a recipe for revolution, which seems to be what the international corporate mafia is pushing for.  No citizen in his or her right mind wants to see this country suffer through a revolution.  I promise you if it happens, about a year into it, we will be looking back on the misery we are presently facing, as the good old days.

So how do we avert disaster?  Well personally I don’t think we are going to be allowed to.  Fifty two Republicrats have signed a document wherein they are pledging to block all legislation except the government funding and extending the Bush tax cuts for all.  Now on the other side of the false left-right paradigm, the Demopublicans are saying they will not extend the tax cuts for the top 2%.  So tell me who is to blame for there being no unemployment extensions.

We have got to come to the realization that those occupying our highest seats of power are nothing more than actors like the wrestlers in the WWE.  I always used to laugh at people who paid $40 a pop to watch the antics of professional wrestling until I realized I was paying a hell of a lot more to watch the same kind of antics on the daily news.

The fact is Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama received his orders at the G20 last month in Seoul, South Korea.  Said orders were relayed to his so called opposition at the secret meeting yesterday in our White House, that we the public paid for.

You can see why these treacherous scum bags hate WikiLeaks so.  The fact is their entire power structure is built on deceit and if the American people were to see the total extent of their treachery at a single glance, there would probably be traitors hanging from every lamp post in every city by sundown.

So I tell all you rich folk out there that if you truly do appreciate what you have acquired you will cease and desist in advocating that the unemployed be forced into the streets of winter to starve to death.  You are not better or smarter than those you seek to oppress.  Your present stance can only lead to your destruction.  So I strongly suggest that you stop actively trying to cause harm and maybe even give a thought of helping others if you are truly grateful for what you’ve got.

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  1. Henry,

    Here are some lines from a song I wrote in ’76 or so:


    Folks are gettin’ sick of sayin’ no to their children
    And yes to the fools in the long black cars
    They’re losin’ their faith in the things they believe in
    There’s trouble down the road
    And it can’t be far

    How Long?
    Just tell Me How Long
    How Long Do Ya think
    You can Keep The Poor Man Down


    How long do ya think you can hide what you’re doin’
    How high can ya build your castle walls
    How long will it be ’til they’re comin’ in your windows
    Spillin’ your blood on your marble tiled halls

    It’s the same old story with the same old ending
    But the sands can’t shift
    If the winds don’t blow
    There ain’t much fear in a man left with nothin’,
    And they’ll show ya no mercy when they’re ready to go

    Whatever…I never pursued production on this…geez…I wonder why.

    “That’s all I have to say about that.”

  2. Excellent Henry. I am in a state of shock that they let the extension expire. They are so damn worried about these rich bastards getting their tax break. Why don’t they attach it to the unemployment. Extend unemployment for one year and extend the Bush tax cuts for one year. Although, I am completely against the Bush tax cuts. I am enraged everytime I hear about it. However, unemployed have got to have benefits. If that means giving them tax breaks, then we should do so.It’s going to be a sad, sad Christmas.

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