Train Derails, Explodes In Lac-Megantic, Quebec, Town Center Ablaze, Entire Town Evacuated, 60 Missing, Scores Feared Dead

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

UPDATE:  At least 30 buildings are on fire and 60 people are missing and scores may be dead but rescue workers cant get in to help anyone because of the heat.

A train carrying crude oil derailed in the town of Lac-Megantic, Que., early Saturday morning, sending giant flames into the air and prompting a mass evacuation.  The derailment forced hundreds of people from their homes in Lac-Megantic, which is located about 250 kilometres east of Montreal. A number of the train’s 73 cars exploded, causing a fire that spread to several of buildings in the community.  

It is unknown at this time if there are any casualties.  It would be a miracle if there isn’t.  Once again big oil proves itself by destroying something. Quebec authorities have called in firefighters from the United States to help battle the blaze.  Oil from the derailment has spilled into the nearby river but it is unknown how much.  -Mort

9 thoughts on “Train Derails, Explodes In Lac-Megantic, Quebec, Town Center Ablaze, Entire Town Evacuated, 60 Missing, Scores Feared Dead

  1. This oil fire is bad, but wait till we get a accident from that XL pipeline they are working on. If there is a big leak from that pipline and it catches fire it will be atleast as big as this train wreck oil fire………..Think of all the air polution and ground polution that these damned oil co.s are responsible for directly or not – if it wasn`t for these oil co.s things like this would not be happening. No matter how safe the oil co.s say they are this kind of sh*t will happen. Just like how they say these nuclear power plants are so safe, but it only takes one accident.

  2. Tankers full of crude oil don’t explode unless they are almost empty. Also the report is that NO conductor was on that train!! A run-away train?

    1. It will be good to see who is going to be responsible for this happening. It will take some deep pockets to pay for this one I am sure.

  3. vivid images of “Jewish” blessings…

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    CUFI….indolent idiots…

    clearly things are going sideways…
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  4. I bet that would have not happened if the train containers had been full of solar panels..

  5. If this was in America, the media would be blasting, “TERRORISM! Lockdown the whole city now! Search everyone’s homes immediately!” while paying off the Oil companies.

    Anyways, my condolences to the families who may have lost loved ones in that incident.

  6. A ‘strange accident’ for sure. That much intense fire from a crude oil burn? Human error? Or, ‘Canada, let this serve as a notice. You will obey”.

    Thinking today’s airliner crash in San Francisco was ‘human error’ until I see different data. Don’t get me started on various other airliner ‘crashes’.

  7. Corporate terrorism. The new face of terrorism. My heart -felt sympathies
    go out to the people and their beautifully quaint township of Lac-Megantic.
    Another pristine water source bites the dust.

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