Trayvon Martin’s Father Is A Grand Master Mason

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

Here’s something you certainly won’t hear about in the mainstream media despite the 24/7 coverage of the Trayvon Martin case which may generate riots: Trayvon Martin’s dad is a ‘Grand Master’ Freemason. More to come on what this means and the occult history of Freemasonry, but for now here is this fact displayed in video form using images that I’ve compiled through user tips and investigation.  

Well now, this puts an unlikely twist in the plot doesn’t it?  I believe there are two kinds of masons: Ones in the know and ones who aren’t.  I don’t know if Mr.Martin is in the know but maybe if he wasn’t, he is now given the attention this has received.  I’m still unsure of Freemasonry as a whole being some unsavory secret society but I guess its because they are secretive about it!. -Mort

56 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin’s Father Is A Grand Master Mason

    1. Blacks were also known to participate in the KKK back in the day. Who knew what color a person was with a hood over their head.

      . . .

    2. Trayvon’s Father is a Prince Hall Mason. Prince Hall Masonry is named after one of the earliest Black Freemasons, and is the Black sub-group of Freemasonry. My father was a Prince Hall Mason, he says that he quit and got out though.

      Great site BTW.

  1. Not sure why anyone thinks this is a big deal, has nothing to do with the case that I can see. Now if he were in Govt w all the rest of them, then I would say hmm I guess

  2. I dont see it mattering either teresa.
    If it did and his son was killed I would think the verdict would be murder not manslaughter like was posted earlier.
    Thats a rough spot a freemasons kid killed by a jumex. With all the jews and mexicans that love to live here but want it to be their way only.

    1. I was just thinking we all need to be Praying {which I am} about the verdict and fallout, because this will not get better. The WH has made it so we cannot go back. We should be praying for the Jury. Can you imagine what they are thinking, they are Mothers, what they say changes a mans life forever, as well as others. I thought OJ was bad. Have a great eve!

    2. If Zimmerman goes to prison he likely will not last very long with his attitude. If he does last he will most likely be big bubbas shower queen to be rented out to bubbas buddies 🙂 🙂 🙂 LOL

        1. teresa, he does have that damned cop attitude. Always suspicious and doesn`t seem to know when to back off. The dispatch did tell him not to pursue in more or less words and he didn`t listen to them. That kind of attitude is what I`m talking.

          1. I have lived in Apts, worked in Ofc Buildings, been at Private Events, etc all w off duty or Security Cops. All of them are the same. Power is what it is. Having said that the area is a high crime area. None of us have never had enough information. Why does Zimmerman have an attitude but Martin does not using the word Cracker?

          2. Yes teresa Martin does have that attitude but after all, martin is a teenager and most kids like him has somewhat of a cocky attitude. But then again – what was Martin doing wrong, didn`t martin deserve to be there like anyone else should be? I would stck up for Zimmerman if Martin did something wrong but even the police dispatch said to stay in his vehicle and Zimmerman dicided to not listen to what they said. By the way I also lived in some bad places too and I also did work around very powerful people and I was on a first name basis with them……………That is exactly what I`m sayin` Zimmerman has a bad attitude as most cops do and he also wantd to be a cop so there ya go. Zimmerman is just a cheesy arrogant punk that obviously doesn`t like to be told anything as how he ignored the police dispatches recomendations. Zimmerman is also a lier as he lied when he made bail last year sayin` that he was nearly broke when he and his girlfreind/wife had over $200,000.+ . Zimmerman is a liein` arrogant punk IMOO. and I`m done on this if you haven`t got it by know teresa.

    3. Like I keep saying, from the WH and its friends, there is no screaming about all the Black kids murdered all over the Country. Spend the wknd in Chicago, not even Rham makes a sound. Where is the anger w ALL murders!

    1. probly so. You know, that is a high crime area, I checked, and his Parents are College Grads, his Mom works for the State or some Govt Job and will retire. If I remember they lived there. Like everything this is all messed up, not sure why the Underground sources have not found more info.

  3. Breaking news Guys – Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY. Get ready for those race riots. 🙁 🙁

    1. well guess what WH could control the Judge but NOT the Jury. You support the riots, and what does that say about your Justice system. It does not work? Of course reality does not play here, but the ruling was made. Most intelligent people say ok, and question it, if not why try period. Just lynch them all like stealing Horses.

          1. Eh, get a grip there teresa, I think #1 told you abt the red pill, yeah take it 🙂 and get back. A good evening to you

      1. In the first place, it’s not OUR justice system. It’s THOUROUGHLY corrupted. and we lay no claim to it WHATSOEVER.
        In the second place, we DON’T support race riots here, digger included.

        You’re treading dangerous ground.

          1. I certainly didn’t take the ” 🙁 :(” after “get ready for those race riots” to be a sign of support, diggerdan. 🙂

          2. Like you diggerdan, I fear a firestorm…the writing is certainly on the wall. 🙁 As we said, in a different post, “It will be an interesting night (and weekend).”

          3. Yes I know Angel, we do not look for trouble here, at least not that kind anyway. I just think teresa was trollin` for trouble, at least with me anyway. Hey Angel, I hope we all play it smart – as I know we all will here – and be safe.

          1. You STILL don’t get it, do you?

            This is the verdict the so-called ‘government’ WANTED, O.K.?

            THEY WANT RACE RIOTS, O.K.?

        1. 100% agreement here, #1. IMO, a false flag riot/civil unrest would/will happen no matter what the verdict. There’s enough provocateurs, let alone the LSM playing the harps & violins.

          1. The writing’s been on the wall. Plain as day. They are FAR from done, stirring this pot.

    2. Judge will probably throw out the verdict……too much political BS with this. The lynch mob will prob start forming pretty quick.

      FAUX news is playing the emotion gig on que.

    3. Frick I doubt much will happen here, but the media will hype whatever they can. Like I said before, I think we are all smarter than what they play us for…….who knows for sure? Only time will tell. GFB I have to eat my words, have no doubt am ready to take care of whatever may happen, that said again I do believe we know better…..

      1. I can see a simple dumb dispute turned into a damned hate crime now ya know…… I hope this country learned from those LA riots.

        1. Eh Digger, ya know I’m a dreamer, I know how we should be, I’m counting on my beliefs that we are at a point where we know right and wrong and take care of each other. F the government. They don’t take my interest into consideration. Hey, I’m here for you if you need something I can give, I do as much as I can, would do more, will do more as I can to help those in need, but have to say I don’t like this gov. putting$ where I don’t believe they should go…..

          1. Well thanks RT, I have learned to be accosumed to a humble lifestyle.Nothin` wrong being a Dreamer, heck RT I am a dreamer too, dreams can teach us all things can`t they, we all just got to pay attention to our dreams, that astral plane is powerful isn`t it. @ Angel 9:35, I hope that this Zimmerman /Martin stuff is done and over with. They have been playing this like the OJ trial haven`t they……………..P S Good night every one, time to call it a nite and be safe everyone 🙂 🙂 🙂

        2. Yup, diggerdan…I can see it, too… I also see appeals, new trials (like the OJ Simpson murders). MSM is going to keep this stirred-up for a while. Those of us in the Trenches see it. However, the easily manipulated Sheeple… I doubt it. All it takes is one stupid “incident” (real or created).

          1. @ Diggerdan 9:48, It’s far from over. We’ll be bombarded with it for many more months. 🙁

  4. Yes people, MSNBC has Al Sharpton sitting in a plane on the tarmac waiting for a rock to break a window in Somewhere USA and it will be on. I can see it already tomorrow on MSNBC. “Countdown to Race Riots” Day 1.

  5. Yep Digger many things I learned from dreams 🙂
    #1 Hey hope ya enjoy my song pick, I am not afraid in any way. Okay just gonna go play some music now, hope ya have have an Awesome evening! NIte

    1. Just watched the video. Eminem raps pretty good for a white boy. Back in the mid 90s I had every cd Tupac (favorite artist) had made, 7 cds by Too Short (second favorite) Ice Cube, Dre, Snoop, Notorious, LL Cool J N.W.A. and the list goes on and on. I had black friends who were jealous of my rap collection. No kidding.

      All I really listen to these days is Christian music though.

      No kidding.

      Go figure.

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