Trencher Alert

The computer that I used for email has been hacked.  A heads up to those From the Trenches who have shared their addresses with me.  I do not yet know the extent of the damage done, if any.  That computer has been isolated.

On a separate note:  

I would appreciate it very much is someone could identify this weed. Yesterday our dog had a seizure after chewing on it.

Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Trencher Alert

  1. It looks like Henbit. Got it’s name because chickens like to eat it.
    It’s a common weed in Texas. Grew up with it. Not poisonous.
    The seizures could have been caused by another plant he ate at the same time or sprays that may have been applied to kill the weeds. Never seen a dog get “staggers” from it, like livestock can.
    “Henbit does not smell minty, but it is an edible mint. By they way, there are no poisonous look alikes. As for toxicity, we’re safe but it has causes “staggers” in sheep, horses, and cattle.”

  2. Just hope it wasn’t Datura, aka Jimsonweed. A man I knew and since has passed on had a wife from Philippines who not knowing what it was cooked it, the man ate it some and nearly died. Plus they use Jimsonweed in psychedelic drugs, and it’s an old “Indian legend” “medicine.”

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