Trucker Convoy Offers Vets Free Rides To DC For Million Vet March On Memorials (Video)

Before It’s News – by Susan Duclos

Bless their hearts, not only are Truckers across the nation riding for the constitution, speaking with their actions for so many angered and fed up Americans, but now they are offering free rides to our nation’s veterans to get them to Washington DC for the planned Million Veteran March on the memorials, created and built for them but shutdown, wired closed to prevent them from honoring the memorials.  


Their Official Website:

Their message is:

Attention Vets! Need a ride to the Million Vet March for the Memorials on October 13th?

Post your location on the Truckers Ride For The Constitution – they are helping to get vets to the march! Tell ‘em we sent ya! And of course, please travel safely!


Another message:

Truckers are offering rides for vets to make it to our event. 

Post on their wall here:

We’ll see if we can’t get you connected up so you can make it. Thanks for your service and support!

In the video below Ernest Lee, one of the thousands of truckers backing the Ride for the Constitution, tells Megyn Kelly the protest is to “get the attention of our unrepresenting representatives” by “causing the world’s biggest traffic jam” in DC. Lee said, “This is an Egypt moment for the entire country to say ‘We have had enough.’”



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One thought on “Trucker Convoy Offers Vets Free Rides To DC For Million Vet March On Memorials (Video)

  1. Just another great example of Americans
    going, “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty”.
    We’ve always been a nation of Underdogs
    who’ve reached out to others who need,
    and deserve help……
    This is just one of the many qualities which
    makes US Exceptional, as a nation.
    For we’ll do more, and go further, than all
    the other nations combined.
    God instills, with-in each man and woman,
    the ability to recognize and extend
    compassion towards others.
    American Patriots reflect that attribute.
    It’s this “Sacred Fire” that will help restore
    our Republic, where we’ll once again be a
    nation of values and morals.

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